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Favorite bands: In Flames, Amorphis, Raunchy, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Blood Red Throne, Naglfar, Solution .45, Scar Symmetry, Ensiferum, Tool, Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Turmion Kätilöt, Illdisposed, Mercenary, Volbeat, Old Man's Child
Favorite album: Soundtrack to Your Escape, Figure Nr. 5, Death Cult Armageddon, Eclipse, Silent Waters, Tales from t
Favorite song: Evil in a Closet, Sorgens Kammer - Del II, We Must Bury You, Door 2.12
Personal text: I AM ..... a boy. I just got 17 years old, i'm at a pretty much normal height at 1,87 meters, and i'm also very thin.. One thing I enjoy in life, is to hear LOUD music!!. the first metal band I ever heard, was Slipknot, and theres a little story with that... My bigger bro introduced me to them, and at the same time, i also liked LB. He told me that i had to choose between them, cus slipknot had something against LB (..or something like that..)....and ofcourse i chose Slipknot..and ever since iv'e been listening to metal bands. I quit listening to Slipknot after a few weeks, and my new fav. band became Arch Enemy, then Amorphis (stuck on them ever since I was 12), and then In Flames, Mnemic, Dimmu Borgir, Katatonia and Scar Symmetry, etc. My fav. genre varies alot, since i like calm melodic songs such as Katatonia, and to brutal beastly songs like Blood Red Throne and Dimmu Borgir. It's pretty awesome, because it makes me have an open mind about alot of genres, and bands also.

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