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Favorite bands: Megadeth, Death, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Smiths, Joy Division, Testament, Overkill, Agalloch, Camel, Mike Oldfield, Bob Dylan, Judas Priest, Anathema, Queen, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Cacophony, Havok, Scorpions, Deep Purple, At The Gates, Kreator, Heathen, Be'lakor, Nick Drake, Gary Moore, Porcupine Tree, Trivium, The Doors, Riverside, Thin Lizzy, Artillery, The Stooges, Rush, Helloween, Pantera, Alcest, Anthrax, Sodom, Opeth, Exodus, Rainbow, Carlos Paredes, Ensiferum, Dark Tranquillity, Dream Theater, Amon Amarth, Wintersun, Amorphis, Tool, Katatonia, Insomnium, My Dying Bride, Mastodon, Kalmah, Enslaved, Led Zeppelin, Hypocrisy, Dio, Machine Head, Bathory, Carcass, Motörhead, Avantasia, Necrophagist, Summoning, Alice In Chains, Candlemass, Annihilator, Obscura, In Mourning, Venom, Destruction, Windir, Omnium Gatherum, Isis, Empyrium, Shining, Saxon, Coroner, Drudkh, Warbringer, Atheist, Kyuss, Quo Vadis, Whitesnake, Baroness, King Crimson, Cult Of Luna, Vektor, Steven Wilson, Antimatter, Forbidden, Les Discrets, Leprous, Kylesa, Heavenwood, Lazarus A.D., Violator, Toxik, Beyond Creation, Vio-lence, Whiplash, Karnivool, Desire, Mourning Lenore, Adamantine, Saturnus, Entombed, Persefone, Electric Wizard, Om, Sleep, Animals As Leaders, Deafheaven
Favorite album: Rust In Peace
Favorite song: Holy Wars ... the punishment due
Favorite movies: Requiem For A Dream, Into The Wild, Amelie, The GodFather
Personal text: www.lastfm.pt/user/Rust-In-Peace95


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