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Title: Powerslave
Position: Elite
Favorite bands: 40 Watt Sun, A Forest Of Stars, Agalloch, Age Of Taurus, Ahab, Alcest, Alunah, Anathema, Ancient Rites, Angellore, Angra, Appalachian Winter, Aquilus, Arcturus, Arenna, Astriaal, Audrey Fall, Avatarium, Ayreon, Backyard Mortuary, Bathsheba, Bathory, Batushka, Be'lakor, Bell Witch, Beyond Creation, Beyond The Black, Black Majesty, Black Sabbath, Blackmore's Night, Blind Guardian, Blood Ceremony, Bolt Thrower, Bölzer, Caladan Brood, Candlemass, Chalice, Clouds, Coffinborn, ColdWorld, Communic, Cult Of Fire, Death, Decapitated, Delain, Desire, Deströyer 666, Dio, Disembowelment, Dissection, Doom:VS, Doombringer, Dordeduh, Downfall Of Nur, Draconian, Dragonland, Dream Theater, Drudkh, Dungeon, Dying Fetus, Edenbridge, Einherjer, Elderwind, Elegeion, Eluveitie, Empyrium, Emyn Muil, Ensiferum, Enslaved, Epica, Ereb Altor, Eternal Champion, Explosions In The Sky, Falconer, Fen, Forest Of Shadows, Galadriel, Gallowbraid, The Gathering, Gamma Ray, The Gentle Storm, Green Carnation, Haggard, Hamferð, HammerFall, Helstar, Hermoðr, Horn, Human Fortress, Iced Earth, Imbaru, Immortal, In The Woods..., Iron Maiden, Isole, Jag Panzer, Jethro Tull, Jex Thoth, Kamelot, King Diamond, Ladytron, Led Zeppelin, Les Discrets, Lethian Dreams, Lord Belial, Lost Horizon, Lustre, Lycanthia, Manilla Road, Mare Cognitum, Mesarthim, Metalblack, Mgla, Midnight Odyssey, Mithras, Moonsorrow, MurkRat, Myraeth, Myrkur, Nargaroth, Nechochwen, Necrophagist, Necrowretch, Negură Bunget, Nevermore, Nightwish, Nile, Obsequiae, Opera IX, Opeth, Orchid, Öxxö Xööx, Ozzy Osbourne, Pallbearer, Panzerchrist, Paradise Lost, Pegazus, Possessed, Primordial, Quo Vadis, Rotting Christ, The Ruins Of Beverast, Saor, Scarab, Seltar, Septicflesh, Skeletal Remains, Skyforest, Shylmagoghnar, Skuggsjá, Sleepmakeswaves, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, The Slow Death, Slugdge, Sojourner, Sólstafir, Sorrow Plagues, Spectral Voice, Stomach Earth, Stratovarius, Summoning, Symphony X, Taberah, Talking Heads, Therion, Thin Lizzy, Thrawsunblat, Thy Catafalque, Trees Of Eternity, Tristania, UADA, Uaral, Ulver, Vallendusk, Venenum, Virgin Black, Void Omnia, Voyager, Vreid, Warning, While Heaven Wept, Windir, Wintersun, Within Temptation, Wolves In The Throne Room, Woods Of Ypres, Wuthering Heights, Xandria
Favorite album: Too many
Favorite song: Too many
Favorite movies: Anything Epic or British Comedy
Favorite books: Fantasy, usually with a strong female protagonist :)
Personal text: Bands Ive Seen Live:
Metallica (2004)
Dungeon/LORD x10 (2004-2012)
Black Majesty x6 (2004-2012)
Opeth x4 (2004. 2006, 2006, 2009)
Edguy x2 (2004, 2009)
Jethro Tull (2005)
Angra (2005)
Voyager (2005, 2016)
Transcending Mortality x3 (2005-2008)
Nightwish x2 (2005, 2013)
Vanishing Point x3 (2005, ?, 2009)
Children of Bodom x2 (2005, 2006)
Gamma Ray x2 (2006, 2006)
Wintersun (2006)
Emperor (2006)
Battlelore (2006)
Orphaned Land (2006)
Amon Amarth (2006)
Nevermore x2 (2006, 2006)
Celtic Frost (2006)
Korpiklaani (2006)
Scorpions (2006)
Arch Enemy (2006)
Finntroll (2006)
Cynic (2009)
Destroyer 666 (2009)
Virgin Black x2 (2009, ?)
Eyefear x2 (2009, ?)
Malevolent Creation (2009)
Spawn Of Possession (2009)
Sonata Arctica (2009)
Dark Funeral (2009)
Ensiferum (2009)
Rotting Christ (2009)
Iron Maiden (2011)
Iced Earth x2 (2012, 2014)
Blind Guardian (2013)
Sabaton (2013)
Epica (2013, 2016)
Nile (2013)
Moonsorrow (2013)
MANY from Hellfest (2014)
Lycanthia (2015)
Pallbearer (2015)

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