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Favorite bands: Amon Amarth, The Absence, Ensiferum, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Gorguts, Rush, Hibria, Testament, Behemoth, Dream Theater, Revocation, Process Of Guilt, Ahab, Unexpect
Favorite album: Versus the World - Amon Amarth
Favorite song: Valhall Awaits Me - Amon Amarth
Favorite movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera; The Seven Samurai; Stranger Than Fiction
Favorite books: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman; Small Gods by Terry Prachett; The Elder Edda; Illusions by Richard Bach; The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
Personal text: Married, four kids aged 8 to 16 - all headbangers, my wife included.

Been banging my head since 1982. My neck is starting to get as little sore...

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24.06.2010 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier 2010 N. American Tour
13.09.2009 CAN, Nanaimo, BC - 3 Inches Of Blood

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  2010 Fear Factory - Mechanize
  2010 Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition
  2009 Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn
  2010 Ov Hell - The Underworld Regime
  2009 Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue
  2009 Immortal - All Shall Fall
  2009 Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
  2008 Revocation - Empire Of The Obscene
  2009 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious
  2009 Sonata Arctica - The Days Of Grays

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