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Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Nile, Amon Amarth, Primordial, Epica, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Gorod, Children Of Bodom, God Dethroned, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Kreator, Death, Necrophagist, Moonspell, Gojira, Behemoth, Swallow The Sun, Bloodbath, Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquillity, Napalm Death, Hour Of Penance, My Dying Bride, Slayer, Metallica, Kalmah, Marduk, Immolation, Unleashed, Dimmu Borgir, Therion, Amorphis, Edge Of Sanity, Esoteric, Negură Bunget, Wuthering Heights, Blut Aus Nord, Secrets Of The Moon, Enslaved, Moonsorrow, Septicflesh, Wintersun, Windir, Nevermore, Judas Priest, Obscura, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mayan, Origin, Decapitated, Cephalic Carnage, Melechesh, Watain, Falkenbach, Insomnium, Cattle Decapitation, Ulcerate, Morbid Angel, Spawn Of Possession, Blotted Science, Rhapsody Of Fire, Overkill, Meshuggah, Bolt Thrower, Belphegor, Asphyx, Sabaton, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Jeff Loomis, Powerwolf, Borknagar, Christian Mistress, Suffocation, Augury, Grave, Bathory, Ensiferum, Immortal, Ex Deo, Draugnim, Symphony X, Lost Soul, Gorguts, Satyricon, Arcturus, Aura Noir, Dordeduh, Voivod, Vreid, Arkona, Carcass, Rotting Christ, Bornholm, Darkspace, Suicidal Angels, Skogen, Absu, Finsterforst, Darkthrone, Sodom, Urfaust, Tribulation, Candlemass, Vektor, Twilight Of The Gods, Metal Church, Hail Of Bullets, Autopsy, Coroner, Vallenfyre, Desaster, Necrophobic, Grave Miasma, Entombed, Onslaught, Testament, Katatonia, Anthrax, Iced Earth, Paradise Lost, Machine Head, Djevel, Bölzer, Negative Plane, Vemod, Celestial Bloodshed, Mare, Mgła, Degial, Ascension, Obliteration, Corpsessed, Morbus Chron, Portrait, Mayhem, Incantation, Emperor, Dead Congregation, Nader Sadek, Obituary, Atheist, God Seed, Cor Scorpii, Burzum, Midnight, Entombed A.D., Paysage d'Hiver, Occultation, Horrendous, Stench, Corpus Christii, Nightwish, Fides Inversa, Battle Dagorath, Cult Of Fire

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17.08.2011 GER, Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze Open Air
04.10.2010 POR, Lisbon - Dark Tranquillity: Where Death Is Most Alive Part II 2010
04.08.2010 GER, Wacken - Wacken Open Air 2010
22.07.2010 POR, Porto - Cattle Decapitation + Gorod
18.05.2010 POR, Lisbon - Metallica: World Magnetic Tour
29.04.2010 POR, Barroselas - SWR Barroselas Metalfest XIII
28.03.2010 POR, Lisbon - Epica

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Albuns Of 2011  | +2 30.10.2011
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  2012 Moonspell - Alpha Noir / Omega White
  2011 Mayan - Quarterpast
  2012 Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent
  2007 Therion - Gothic Kabbalah
  2010 Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
  2008 Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies [EP]
  2007 Swallow The Sun - Hope
  2005 Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss
  2003 Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came
  2009 Swallow The Sun - New Moon

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