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Favorite album: Slayer - Reign In Blood
Favorite song: Reverend Bizarre - Doom Over The World, or Carcass - Impropagation.
Favorite movies: The Pierce Brosnan 007 ones, especially the first two. Mission Impossible, and The Sum of All Fears.
Favorite books: Books about the Nazis, or WW2 in General.
Personal text: My name is Forrest, I am one of those unemployable student bastards who is stealing your hard earned tax money to sit on my arse and pretend to be doing "a History course" at Strathclyde University. I also have Ginger hair, so there's a pot shot right away. I am a massive fan of Thrash Metal, Old School non-br00thul or technical Death Metal, 70s Prog Rock, Black Metal/Ambient and everything else that isn't "core", bar old Grindcore, which has to be more Grind than Core. I am the sole member of an Ambient Black Metal project named Mjollnir, which started as a laugh and soon turned serious. I am also in a joke Discharge tribute band named Disbarge for reasons you wouldn't get. I am a member of the Encycmet forums (8th Biggest Post Total, oooh yeah) and have a near encyclopedic knowledge of Metallica and Carcass. I am a football fan and support those big dirty Huns Glasgow Rangers, and I watch most sport. I read the Guardian newspaper, and various metal magazines, and I am on Xbox Live.

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18.02.2011 | 1 The Ten Commandments of Getting Sold-out Gig Tickets
07.05.2009 | 9 Sepultura: Should they arise?

Attended events

11.02.2011 GBR, Glasgow - Evile
10.02.2011 GBR, Glasgow - Anathema
18.01.2011 GBR, Glasgow - Crowbar
16.12.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Orange Goblin + Solace + Firebird
24.11.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Arch Enemy: UK Tour
19.11.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Exodus
14.11.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Annihilator
07.11.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Devildriver + Eluveitie
27.10.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Godflesh
14.09.2010 GBR, Glasgow - Warbringer + Skeletonwitch: European Bangover Tour
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  2003 Sepultura - Revolusongs [EP]
  1985 Sepultura - Bestial Devastation [EP]
  1986 Sepultura - Morbid Visions
  2005 Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir
  1999 Aborted - The Purity Of Perversion
  2005 Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine
  1990 Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
  1992 Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
  2009 Megadeth - Endgame
  1987 Mayhem - Deathcrush [EP]

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