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Title: R.I.P Syria
Favorite bands: Saturnus, Esoteric, Blut Aus Nord, Opeth, Darkspace, Process Of Guilt, Ahab, Chaos Moon, Ulcerate, Alcest, Wolves In The Throne Room, Esoterica, My Dying Bride, Shape Of Despair, Officium Triste, Shining, Katatonia, Uaral, Burzum, Lacrimas Profundere, Grieving Age, Mar De Grises, The Angelic Process, 40 Watt Sun, The Ruins Of Beverast, Corrupted, Lantlôs, Sun Of The Blind, Reverorum Ib Malacht, System Of A Down, A Forest Of Stars, God Is An Astronaut, Rosetta, Murmuüre, Enslaved, Year Of No Light, Igorrr, Virus, Cloudkicker, Anathema, Lychgate, Draconian, Swallow The Sun, Subrosa, Nevermore
Favorite album: The Maniacal Vale - For The Loveless Lonely Nights - Memorandum - Turn Loose The Swans ...
Favorite song: Loss (In Memoraim) - Laments - Circle - Redemption Lost - Turn Loose The Swans - Helplessness ...
Favorite movies: Lord Of The Rings - The Illusionist - Memento - Primal Fear - Lucky Number Sleven .....
Personal text: I started listening to extreme music in early 2004 and fell in love with doom metal at first then moved on to explore other genres.
Other than Metal, I enjoy Jazz, Blues, Drone/Ambient and some shoegaze.

I'm a guitarist and the vocalist of the Syrian band Crescent Moon alongside my friend Ahmad , we mainly play Doom Metal but with influences from Black and Death metal. Our debut EP is out, download here :

We also have another band called Theoria, it's an Atmospheric Black Metal project. Our debut album MANTRA will be out soon through Antiq Label. Theoria's Facebook page

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  1997 The Eye - Supremacy
  2000 Nevermore - Dead Heart, In A Dead World
  2014 The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li
  2014 Woods Of Desolation - As The Stars
  2014 Nasheim - Solens Vemod
  2013 Age Of Taurus - Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times
  2005 Blut Aus Nord - Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Multiplicity [EP]
  1992 Pitchshifter - Submit [EP]
  2014 Blut Aus Nord - Debemur MoRTi [EP]
  2013 Celeste - Animale(s)

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