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Favorite bands: The 11th Hour, The 3rd And The Mortal, 40 Watt Sun, Acid Bath, A Forest Of Stars, Ahab, Akelei, Akercocke, Anathema, The Angelic Process, Antimatter, Arcana Coelestia, Argus, Atlantean Kodex, Ayreon, Bal-Sagoth, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Blut Aus Nord, Boris, Burzum, Candlemass, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Converge, Corrupted, Crowbar, Darkthrone, Death, Devin Townsend, Disembowelment, Dordeduh, Drudkh, Earth, Electric Wizard, Emperor, Enslaved, Esoteric, Eyehategod, Faal, Falkenbach, Fen, Forgotten Tomb, Fungoid Stream, The Gathering, Godflesh, Gojira, Hooded Menace, Isis, Jesu, Jex Thoth, Katatonia, Kvelertak, Kyuss, Les Discrets, Lost Horizon, Lurker Of Chalice, The Meads Of Asphodel, Menace Ruine, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Mourning Beloveth, My Dying Bride, Nadja, Negură Bunget, Neurosis, Nightwish, Nortt, Ophis, Orphaned Land, Pagan Altar, Paradise Lost, Primordial, Process Of Guilt, Procession, Profetus, Reverend Bizarre, Rosetta, Saint Vitus, Shape Of Despair, Skepticism, Skyclad, Sleeping Peonies, Solefald, Solitude Aeturnus, Solstice, Strapping Young Lad, Subrosa, Thergothon, Therion, Tiamat, Today Is The Day, !T.O.O.H.!, Triptykon, Ulver, Unholy, Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Warning, While Heaven Wept, Winter, Year Of No Light
Personal text: The bands listed above are not necessarily all my favorites, they are mostly bands featured on MS that I want to stay up-to-date on. It's also limited to metal bands while in reality the vast majority of my favorites aren't metal at all but anything from ambient to singer-songwriter, alt-country to electropop, trip hop to shoegaze.

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