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Favorite album: Ayreon "Into The Electric Castle"
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Personal text: pfft...

What the...?! You're not made of Tuesday!

Less invasions, more equations!

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Bullet Height - No Atonement
20.06.2017 | Prog / Electronic

Remember the amazing Pure Reason Revolution which split up about half a decade ago? Well, Bullet Height is the spiritual successor put together by the former PRR guitarist Jon Courtney, joined by Sammi Doll on vocals. It's a bit darker, a bit heavier, and somewhat more electronic, yet it unmistakably retains the vocal harmonies and songwriting hooks that made PRR so good. It is recognisable as a follow up to PRR's "Hammer and Anvil" and, if anything, advice to follow the musician has never been more apt.

Try "Bastion," "Hold Together," or "Wild Words."
Thumbs up: BloodTears


  2017 Kauan - Kaiho
  2017 The Eden House - Songs For The Broken Ones
  2017 Bent Knee - Land Animal
  2011 Siena Root - Root Jam [Live]
  2017 Område - Nåde
  2017 Steven Wilson - To The Bone
  2017 Leprous - Malina
  2017 Anathema - The Optimist
  2017 Sólstafir - Berdreyminn
  2008 Крапива - Ожоги
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