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21.04.2014 | 100% SWE, Uppsala - Esoteric & Procession: European Dissonance Tour 2014
27.04.2014 | 100% SWE, Stockholm - Cult Of Luna: Swedish Mini-Tour 2014

Latest Staff pick

Human Cull - Stillborn Nation

For all the peeps thinking Napalm Death died after 1987's Scum and 1988's From Enslavement To Obliteration: Human Cull are here to save the day.

Listen here.

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  2014 Human Cull - Stillborn Nation
  2002 Fukpig - Nuclear Apocalypse [Demo]
  2012 Fukpig - Bombs Of War [Demo]
  2001 Fukpig - The Depths Of Humanity [Demo]
  2014 Indian - From All Purity
  2014 Conan - Blood Eagle
  2014 Bast - Spectres
  2012 Department Of Correction - L'École Du Goût
  2002 Forgarður Helvítis - Gerningarveður
  2005 Kriegsmaschine - Altered States Of Divinity

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