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Favorite bands: Opeth, Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Deadsoul Tribe, Iced Earth, In Flames, Novembers Doom, Preternatural, The Gathering, Tiamat, Tristania, The Wounded, Samael, Megadeth, In Mourning, Flowing Tears, Agalloch, Throes Of Dawn, Heavenwood, Ava Inferi, Septicflesh, The Eden House, Get Your Gun, Antimatter, Graveyard, Moonspell, Trees Of Eternity, Draconian, Chelsea Wolfe, Novembre, Swallow The Sun, My Dying Bride, Agathodaimon, Hexvessel, Krux, Madder Mortem, Enshine, Riverside, Pantheist, Tides From Nebula, Soundarcade, Vitriol, Russian Circles, Perturbator, Soen, Primordial, Bathsheba, Below The Sun, Zeal And Ardor, Oranssi Pazuzu, Sólstafir, Altar Of Betelgeuze, Sannhet, Xanthochroid, Summoning, Dimmu Borgir, Tesa, Eschatos, Sinistro, Tribulation, Messa, Oceans Of Slumber, Saturn's Husk, Wolvennest, Dirge, The Moth Gatherer, Numenorean, Gold, Morne, Schammasch, Alcest, Mephorash, Elephant Tree, Igorrr, Rezn, Fires In The Distance
Favorite movies: Dark City, LOTR, Blueberry, Kill Bill, The Island, Children Of Dune, Alien, Interstellar, Oblivion, Arrival
Favorite books: Frank Herbert - Dune (series), Dan Simmons - Hyperion (series), Robert Jordan - Wheel Of Time (series), Ursula K. le Guin - Hainish Cycle, Stephen King - Dark Tower,


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