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Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Angra, Obsequiae, Parkway Drive, Draconian, Equilibrium, The Agonist, Edguy, Negura Bunget, Wintersun, Megadeth, Saor, Agalloch, Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Dream Theater, Nocturnal Rites, Masterplan, Symphony X, The Gathering, Evergrey, Amorphis, Dethklok, Eluveitie, Devin Townsend, Iced Earth, Ensiferum, Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Kamelot, Arch Enemy, Warbringer, Kalmah, Galneryus, Darkestrah, Kauan, Moonspell, Kreator, Tristania, The 69 Eyes, Sólstafir, Dekadent, Gallowbraid, Unleash The Archers
Favorite album: Aria of Vernal Tombs
Favorite song: Victory Will Come
Favorite movies: Zombie movies, Children Of Men, A Boy And His Dog, Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, The Sum of All Fears, Zoolander, Star Trek, The Fifth Element, and Blazing Saddles
Favorite books: The Rivers Ran East, The Will To Power, Cthulhu Mythos, Phillip Jose Farmer's "The Dungeon", The Belgariad, Ringworld
Personal text: I love Metal. Thrash, power, progressive, avant garde, experimental, black, death, and whatever weird subgenre your heart fancies.

Attended events

06.05.2014 USA, Seattle, WA - Iced Earth: Worldwide Plagues Tour - North America 2014
23.08.2013 USA, Seattle, WA - Wintersun: North American Tour 2013
28.06.2013 FIN, Helsinki - Tuska Open Air 2013
02.12.2012 USA, Seattle, WA - Eluveitie & Wintersun: Fall North American Tour 2012
22.09.2012 USA, Seattle, WA - Kreator + Accept: Teutonic Terror Attack Tour
15.02.2012 USA, Seattle, WA - Symphony X + Iced Earth: North American Tour 2012
02.10.2011 USA, Seattle, WA - Evergrey + Sabaton: North American Tour 2011
27.09.2011 USA, Seattle, WA - Dream Theater: North American Tour 2011
23.09.2011 USA, Seattle, WA - Arch Enemy: North American Khaos Tour 2011
12.09.2011 USA, Seattle, WA - Kamelot: Pandemonium Over North America
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  2009 kauan - aava tuulen maa
  2013 Amorphis - Circle
  2011 Darkestrah - Khagan [EP]
  2013 Megadeth - Super Collider
  2011 Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
  2011 Amorphis - The Beginning of Times
  2012 Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus
  2013 Battle Beast - Battle Beast
  2013 Kalmah - Seventh Swamphony

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