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Favorite bands: Anaal Nathrakh, Blut Aus Nord, Bolt Thrower, Discordance Axis, Dragged Into Sunlight, Full Of Hell, Gnaw Their Tongues, Inquisition, Leviathan, Midnight Odyssey, Portal, Summoning, Windir
Favorite album: Lurker of Chalice
Favorite movies: Repo Man, Lost Highway, Videodrome, Suspiria, From Dusk Till Dawn, Mulholland Dr, Natural Born Killers, End of Evangelion, Evil Dead 2, The Killer, Wild at Heart, Stop Making Sense, Eraserhead, Ghost in the Shell
Favorite books: Blame!, Vagabond, Dorohedoro, Hellboy, Knights of Sidonia, Vinland Saga, Biomega, Berserk, From Hell, Vinland Saga, Watchmen
Personal text: My opinions are only my own. I am always eager to learn more and discuss others' opinions on art, music, media, and so on. I'm not interested in being elitist, rude, or a know-it-all; especially about opinions on music. I'm pretty dumb okay cool.

Also, I am sticking to discussion only of metal and will not be mentioning other genres and artists I enjoy. If I didn't restrict myself with this, then I wouldn't ever ever ever shut up about Talking Heads and The Cure.