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Title: MS necromancer
Favorite bands: Vassafor, Hell (USA), The Ruins Of Beverast, Bell Witch, La Torture Des Ténèbres, Mournful Congregation, Negative Plane, Leviathan, Skepticism
Personal text: Best sludge band ever

Everything is politics. Music is politics. I am far, far out on the left. When it comes to metal I would like more woman black metal, more woman metal, more queer stuff, more metal from countries that are not known for playing metal, different perspectives is a must. Ive listened to metal since the early 80s and I guess that I have a bit of progressive taste as I am still mostly interested in new ways of expressing metal. I have bad understanding of people who just listens to the same stuff over and over again that makes me a bitch sometimes - get over it. I am not religious but if I was I would probably worship Lucifer. I have a daughter I adore. I am highly educated and I live on Åland Islands.

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