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Favorite bands: Sentenced, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodom, Wintersun, Norther, Hanging Garden, Swallow The Sun, Draconian, Opeth, Etc
Favorite album: Sentenced - The Cold White Light
Favorite books: Nowadays, I prefer books such as Dan Simmon's "Terror" and "The Fall of Hyperion"
Personal text: Everything resembling (death) doom is appreciated by me. In addition to that, a little (melo)death and Gothenburg metal every now and then. Also, for lighter music, some symphonic and power metal or even contemporary rock.

Oh, and you might have herd I liek Mudkips moar then evrything!!1

Also computers.

Collection / Wishlist

  2005 Sentenced - Ever-Frost [Single]
  1991 Sentenced - Shadows Of The Past
  1993 Sentenced - North From Here
  1995 Sentenced - Amok
  1996 Sentenced - Down
  1997 Sentenced - Story: A Recollection [Compilation]
  1998 Sentenced - Frozen
  2000 Sentenced - Crimson
  2002 Sentenced - The Cold White Light
  2005 Sentenced - The Funeral Album