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Favorite bands: Death, Metallica, Amon Amarth, Lamb Of God, Wintersun, Rotting Christ, Gorgoroth, Insomnium, At The Gates, Agalloch, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Immortal, Tool, Wolves In The Throne Room, Nachtmystium, God Seed, Fell Voices, Be'Lakor, Aosoth, Panopticon, Xasthur, Leviathan, Gallowbraid, Allaura, Boreal Tundra, Dead In The Manger, Elderwind, A Forest Of Stars, FromHell, Old Funeral, Darkthrone, Possesed, Saor, Royal Thunder, Vattnet Viskar, Psychonaut 4, The Ugly
Favorite album: 巫峽 Dynasty - FromHell
Favorite song: Voice Of The Soul - Death