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Favorite bands: At The Gates, Behemoth, Death, Hypocrisy, Ne Obliviscaris, Nile, Shadows Fall, Slayer, Trivium
Personal text: Hi there this is Neronino from China, borned in 1992.
Im open minded. Basicly I like every genre, even metalcore, nu-metal or alt-metal.
But I dont like:
-Cheesy gay vocals.
-Changeless or boring riffs/instrumentals.
-Way too heavy and unmelodic that hard to be called music in my opinion.
-Stupid teen lyrics about suicide or broke up.
-Crabcore or hip hop scenes.
I like:
-Death Metal which still being melodic.
-Melodeath which still having Death Metal features.
-Old School thrash metal.
-Metalcore which leaning more to thrash metal and dont have a breakdown overused problem.