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Favorite bands: Dimmu Borgir, Naglfar, Behemoth, Odious, Nile, Marduk, Emperor, Illnath, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Impaled Nazarene, Immortal, Belphegor, Kalmah, Melechesh, Blind Guardian, Sepultura(w/max), Soulfly, Old Man's Child, Wintersun, And Many More!!
Favorite album: i don't know it's hard to decide
Favorite song: Nile - Kem Kefa Keshef (for now)
Favorite movies: The Godfather 1.2&3 and J-Anime
Favorite books: not the book type but maybe into anything about myths and legends
Personal text: Do You Think Time Is Waiting?
The Arrows Are Shining Pointing But Not Binding
The Unknown And Its Hidden Gate.

666 Hell Awaits 666

death can on both black and white horses ride
across the threshold of infinity he you guide
death can step along smiling within the dance
and as a pawn in a game of chess you stand no chance
death can also beat a drum
he drums hard and he drums soft
the time has come for you to leave the mortal croft
all your dreams he beats into dust
die, die, die you must

La Grande Danse Macbre-Marduk

Lookin forword of meeting you guys 666


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