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Favorite bands: Skyclad, Porcupine Tree, Alchemist, Ayreon, Ozric Tentacles, Angra, Iron Maiden, Therion, Wuthering Heights, Riverside, Slough Feg, Morgana Lefay, Angel Dust, Madder Mortem, Crimson Glory, Nevermore, Pagan's Mind, Devin Townsend, Blue Öyster Cult, Budgie, Supertramp, Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd, Eloy, Anekdoten, Rishloo, Alan Parsons, Depeche Mode, Caravan, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Kansas, King Crimson, IQ, Arena, Pendragon, Marillion, Moody Blues, Steely Dan, America, Cormorant, Arcana, Giant Squid, Virus, Suspyre, Oranssi Pazuzu, Klabautamann, Leprous, Mournful Congregation, Pharaoh, Forefather, Enslaved, Yakuza, The Foreshadowing, Viathyn, Kongh, Kingcrow, Vintersorg, Satan, Conan, Cult Of Luna, Obscure Sphinx, Battle Of Mice, The Moth Gatherer, Blues Pills, Soen
Favorite movies: Merlin (TV mini-series), The Matrix, Inception, Spirited Away, Up, LoTR trilogy, 12 Monkeys, Ghost Dog
Favorite books: Notre-Dame de Paris, The Name of the Rose, Redwall Series, Frankenstein, The Three World's Cycle Series, The Wheel of Time Series, Shannara Series

Latest Staff pick

Saor - Aura
14.06.2014 | Scottish folk metal

The word "authentic" comes to mind when listening to Saor's sophomore album, which is written and performed by Andy Marshall for the most part, aside from some guest accompaniment. This is an atmospheric black metal album which convincingly incorporates Celtic instrumentation and vocals, all composed in five fairly lengthy songs. It's creative efforts like this which keep the folk metal genre well and truly alive.

Listen to Saor on bandcamp.
Thumbs up: Ag Fox, Nefarious, Mr. Doctor, Darkside Momo

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