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Favorite bands: Anathema, Antimatter, Opeth, Mar De Grises, Katatonia, Saturnus, Shape Of Despair, Estatic Fear, Empyrium, Agalloch, The 3rd And The Mortal, Green Carnation, In The Woods, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Ulver, Pain Of Salvation
Favorite album: Leaving Eden, Acoustic Verses, Requiem Mezzo Fort, Alternative 4, BE, Damnation, Martyre, The Mantle
Favorite song: many
Favorite movies: Requiem for a dream - Lost Highway - Santa Sangre - Bom, yeoreum, gaeul, gyeowool, geurigo, bom - The Wall - Dogville - Manderlay - Nosferatu - Metropoli - Pan's Labyrinth - Pi - The Shining - A Clockwork Orange - Little Miss Sunshine - Hero.........
Favorite books: Demian - L'Étranger - The Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice) - The Mayfair Witches (Anne Rice) - The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Les Fleurs du mal - Les Paradis artificiels - Illuminations ..............
Personal text: Put the thorn in my side, the coins on my eyes
I'm not awake, I'm leaving Eden
And all her frozen charms lie cold in my arms
Panic went away and left me reeling
It's warm outside but the weather fails to hide
the stinging loss inside
For in the back of my mind I always thought I'd find my way to paradise
On I'd walk to paradise ...

But grace and lies locked the door from the other side
And now there's not much else there
Grace and lies
In all how long can you hide, how long?
The cost of innocence is the loss of innocence
Some may pass away, but some die screaming
When it came to my time, oh it took me by surprise
Was it my mistake, or am I born for giving in?

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