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Favorite bands: Insomnium, Opeth, Sylosis, Neurotech, Katatonia
Favorite album: Dead End Kings
Favorite song: Undo You
Favorite movies: Basic Instinct
Favorite books: Jack And Jill
Personal text: Oh, my beautiful, sweet angel...

You were and still are my only conscience, please set me free.

I tried your ways, I swear I did, but it's not for me, my dear.

I'm no saint, never been never will be...

It pains me to speak the truth of my dark nature, but it is no secret for you.

I long to be free, please set me free of that word I pledged to you not-so-long ago.

My impure heart chases the wild side of the city and I'm not sure I can restrain it anymore...

Beautiful exotic creature, please forgive me if I get lost again

With you around was so much easier to be good.

But I'm no good.

And my rotten soul desires only earthly pleasures, vanity and pride are my biggest vices

I'm sorry...

I'm so very sorry if I wreck myself again...