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Title: Hamster wheel
Favorite bands: Children Of Bodom, Symphony X, Vital Remains, Adagio, Decrepit Birth, Embraced, Necrophagist, Norther, Arsis, Wintersun, Decapitated, The Faceless, Amon Amarth, Origin, Abigail Williams, Naglfar, Vader, All Shall Perish, Animosity, Brain Drill, Emmure, Pantera, Beneath The Massacre, Dimmu Borgir, Dying Fetus, Iced Earth, Pyscroptic, Into Eternity, Wintersun, Spawn Of Possesion, Tool
Favorite movies: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Walk Hard, Spinal Tap, Anchorman, Into the Wild
Personal text: I still use this sometimes

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15.07.2008 USA, San Francisco, CA - The Summer Slaughter Tour 2008 - North America
19.05.2008 USA, San Jose, CA - Gigantour 2008
09.05.2008 USA, Santa Clara, CA - Paganfest North America Tour
18.04.2008 USA, San Francisco, CA - Symphony X + Epica: N. American Tour
14.04.2008 USA, San Francisco, CA - The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 - Legions Of The Chosen Few

Collection / Wishlist

  2011 All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends
  2006 The Faceless - Akeldama
  2008 The Faceless - Planetary Duality
  2008 Abigail Williams - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
  2006 Abigail Williams - Legend [EP]
  2004 Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt
  2005 Arsis - A Diamond For Disease [EP]
  2006 Arsis - United In Regret
  2008 Arsis - We Are The Nightmare
  2006 Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis

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