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Favorite bands: Porcupine Tree, Children Of Bodom, Swallow The Sun, Destruction, Tool, Poison, Borknagar, Funeral, My Dying Bride, The Gathering, Boards Of Canada, Pink Floyd, Andrew Wk, Megadeth, Pain, Murcof, Death, Shining, Neurosis, Silverchair, Spheric Universe Experience, Amon Tobin, ..
Favorite album: Children Of Bodom - Are You Deat Yet ?
Favorite song: CoB - Living Dead Beat, Andrew WK - Party Hard, Slayer - Cult, Destruction - Nailed To The Cross
Favorite movies: Fight Club, eXistenZ, American Psycho, Die Hard, Amadeus, A Scanner Darkly, Breaking The Waves, Lethal Weapon, A Clockwork Orange, The Truman Show ...
Favorite books: "Lunes De Fiel" (Pascal Bruckner), "American Psycho" (Bret Easton Ellis), "1984" (Orwell), "Humain, Trop Humain" (Nietzsche), "Intelligence Building" (Honaker Michel) ...