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Favorite album: (currently) The Great Misdirect - BTBAM
Favorite song: (currently) The Cyborg Slayers - Dethklok
Favorite movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Tenacious D, and Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back
Favorite books: Dragonlance, Vampire Chronicles, Neil Gaiman stuff, The Amazing Spider-Man, etc.
Personal text: My name is Devon Hartman and I am a Freshman in college. I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing video games, and sticking to myself most of the time. I am not an outgoing person by any means but I am not necessarily a shy person. The music I listen to ranges from extreme death metal to progressive rock. When I play guitar I mostly play mellow, bluesy stuff but I also enjoy playing heavy metal as well. I am somewhat of a comedian I guess you could say because I can turn anything into a joke. Also, I am really easy to talk to and very friendly when not provoked. If you read up to this point why not give me a message or something and I will be sure to answer it as soon as possible. Cheers!


  2009 Slayer - World Painted Blood
  2004 Three - Wake Pig
  2007 Three - The End Is Begun
  2006 Tool - 10,000 Days
  2001 Tool - Lateralus
  1996 Tool - Ænima
  1993 Tool - Undertow
  1992 Tool - Opiate [EP]
  1987 Testament - The Legacy
  1994 Testament - Low
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