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Title: Vitharr
Favorite bands: Children Of Bodom, Pantera, Slayer, Annihilator, Kreator, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Metallica, Death, In Flames, Iron Maiden, Testament, Morbid Angel, Lamb Of God, Trivium, Gojira, Vader, Archeon, Damageplan, Devildriver, Iced Earth, Job For A Cowboy, Soulfly, Made Of Hate, Ensiferum, Septicflesh, Obscura, Blood Red Throne, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Heathen Foray, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Demiurg, Wolfchant, Decapitated, Noctem, Nader Sadek, Dyscarnate, Dark Funeral, Goatwhore, Deals Death, Bloodbath, Engraved Disillusion, Atheist, Be'lakor, Massacre, Plague Widow, Obituary, Allegaeon, Nile, Wintersun, Finntroll, Turisas, The Faceless, Moonsorrow, Hypocrisy, Watain, Blindead, Weapon, Opeth, Dethklok, Immortal, Æther Realm, Dissection, Xanthochroid, Christian Muenzner, In Solitude, Wodensthrone, Haiduk, Ade, Caladan Brood, Nylithia, Emperor, Summoning, Midnight Odyssey, Agalloch, Hate, Saor, Darkthrone, Carach Angren, At The Gates, Leprous, Bathory, Thulcandra, A Forest Of Stars, Shylmagoghnar, Uada, Thrawsunblat, Death Fortress, SIG:AR:TYR, Bölzer
Favorite album: Symbolic
Favorite song: Crystal Mountain
Favorite movies: Detroit Rock City, Superbad, anything with shits and giggles.

Attended events

08.05.2014 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Paganfest America - Part V
02.05.2014 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Metal Alliance North American Tour 2014
21.08.2013 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Wintersun: North American Tour 2013
10.04.2013 CAN, Vancouver, BC - 3 Inches Of Blood & Goatwhore: Co-Headlining North American Tour 2013
07.04.2013 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Ensiferum: Paganfest America 2013
19.02.2013 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Turisas: Guards Of Glory Tour 2013 - N. America
03.12.2012 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Eluveitie & Wintersun: Fall North American Tour 2012
24.10.2012 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Septicflesh: Conquerors Of The World - North American Tour 2012
09.09.2012 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Korpiklaani: Manala North American Tour
21.04.2012 CAN, Vancouver, BC - Behemoth + Watain: The Decibel Magazine Tour 2012
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Tampa Death Metal  | +1 12.04.2012
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  2012 Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils  | 9
  2010 Kataklysm - Heaven's Venom  | 8
  2000 Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper  | 10

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