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Favorite bands: Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Raintime, 3 Inches Of Blood, The Agonist, Beyond Twilight, Decadence, Dethklok, The Duskfall, Epica, Gojira, Amaran, Dark Moor, Ensiferum, Elvenking, Finntroll, Kamelot, Norther, To-Mera, Wintersun, Amon Amarth, In Flames, Eluveitie, Firewind, Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, Mares Of Thrace, Dusks Embrace, Mors Principium Est, Ne Obliviscaris, Falls Of Rauros, Alda, Shylmagoghnar
Favorite album: Slaughter of the Soul
Favorite song: Angelclaw....for now anyways
Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Full Metal Jaket, A Clockwork Orange, Deathproof, Heat, Night at the Rocksbury
Favorite books: Books? ancient analog text?



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