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Title: Der Trauerweider
Position: Contributor
Favorite bands: Acedia, Amon Amarth, Carach Angren, Children Of Bodom, Cradle Of Filth, Eden Weint Im Grab, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Ex Deo, Kataklysm, Norther, Sinamore, Wintersun, Finntroll, Dark Tranquillity, Ragnarok, Tracedawn, Kypck, King Of Asgard, Gorgoroth, Taake, Varg, Eisregen, In Ruins, Alcest, Darkthrone, Illnath, Falconer, Moonsorrow, Rammstein, Omnium Gatherum, Burzum, Evocation, Subway To Sally, Engraved Disillusion, Coldworld, Helheim, Wildernessking, Bathory, Arkona, The 69 Eyes, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Agrypnie, Summoning, Nachtblut, Black Sabbath, Nile, Opeth, Wolfmother, Horrendous, Heretoir, Den Saakaldte, 1349, Vanhelga, Sivyj Yar, Deadwood, Sólstafir, Emperor, Moonspell
Favorite books: Mostly historical novels, also poetry from time to time...
Personal text: Hello. I like music, that's why I'm here. Also write reviews from time to time.

You may check out (and download for free) stuff of my musical projects: (black metal, currently writing stuff for the first full length) (Lovecraftian Ambient Music, inspired by early Burzum ambient stuff - some call it dungeon synth)

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27.10.2015 | 80% GER, Wiesbaden - Sólstafir & The Ocean & Mono: European Tour 2015
17.11.2015 | 90% GER, Wiesbaden - Shining: German/Benelux Tour 2015
20.11.2015 | 80% GER, Wiesbaden - Lamb Of God: Sturm Und Drang European Tour 2015
11.02.2016 | 80% GER, Frankfurt - Kataklysm: Of Ghosts And Gods European Tour 2016

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  2010 Acedia - Whisper Rains [EP]
  1992 Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky  | 9
  1999 Querimonia - Void Of Malice

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