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Favorite album: That is just fucking impossible
Favorite song: Beyond impossible
Favorite movies: LOTR, Eirik the Viking, Shawn of the Dead, Saving Private Ryan, Underground, Black Cat/White Cat, Eurotrip, Pulp Fiction, Gladiator, Downfall, Kitchen Stories, Metropolis, The Godfather, Acacia, all the ones of Daddy Bruce Lee, ALIEN and many more
Personal text: History, War, History, Sex, Alcohol...


I usually don't do this, but I need, NEED someone that has skype and speaks French (Quebec French) it is a matter of getting a job or death. I need conversational French asap.

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20.06.2005 | 3 Dark Tranquillity


  2008 Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
  2009 Kylesa - Static Tensions
  2009 Tombs - Winter Hours
  2007 Tusk - Resisting Dreamer
  2009 Converge - Axe to Fall
  2007 Jesu - Lifeline [EP]
  2008 Jesu - Why are we not Perfect [EP]
  2009 Baroness - Blue Record
  2006 Isis - In the Absence of Truth
  2009 Isis - Wavering Radiant

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