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Favorite bands: Septicflesh, Rotting Christ, Insomnium, Symphony X, Riverside, Andromeda, Pain Of Salvation, Nightfall, Porcupine Tree, Moonspell, Nevermore, Agalloch, Paradise Lost, Mercenary, Enslaved, Wayd, My Dying Bride, Vreid, Ahab, Virgin Steele, Savatage, Iced Earth, Mastodon, Devin Townsend, Blackfield, Ayreon, Lunatic Soul, Barren Earth, In Mourning, Mors Principium Est, Evergrey, Dark Fortress, Marduk, Cradle Of Filth, Opeth, Before The Dawn, The Gathering, The Man-Eating Tree, Dissimulation, Obtest, Katatonia, Krabathor, Soilwork, Hortus Animae, Luctus, Alcest, Stratovarius, Sólstafir, Melechesh, Communic, Graveworm, Inquisition, Amorphis, Bathory, Swallow The Sun, Godgory, Entombed A.D., Shade Empire, Keep Of Kalessin, Draconian, Omnium Gatherum, Witherscape, Mourning Beloveth, Be'lakor, Akercocke, Ihsahn, Sadist, Cult Of Luna, Candlemass, A Forest Of Stars, Cor Scorpii, Asphyx, Secrets Of The Moon, Satyricon, The Foreshadowing, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Green Carnation, Tool, Lux Occulta, Antimatter, Aenaon, Entrails, Dimmu Borgir, Equilibrium, Hate, Wintersun, Words Of Farewell, Kreator, Heavenwood, Angra, Pressure Points, Carach Angren, Almah, Anathema, Steven Wilson, Triptykon, Thy Catafalque, Hegemon, Taake, Ex Deo, Blaze, Ghost, Archspire, The Faceless, Hooded Menace, Shining, Epysode, Arch Enemy, Annihilator, Nightrage, Black Crown Initiate, Behemoth, Sarke, Erdve, Coroner, Immortal, Judas Priest, Kontinuum, Mindflow, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Sonata Arctica, The Ruins Of Beverast, Wolfheart, Nightwish, Allegaeon, Finntroll, Destruction, Shallow Rivers, Epica, Sulphur Aeon, Megadeth, Trauma, Dissection, Nocturnus AD, Helevorn, Avantasia, Soen, Amon Amarth, Black Earth, Hypocrisy, Type O Negative, 1914, Led Zeppelin, Satan, Belzebubs, Mgła, Wormwood, Klone, Rage, Novembers Doom, Mayhem, Sepultura, Wilderun, Batushka, Machine Head, The Old Dead Tree, Strapping Young Lad, Sons Of Apollo, Faith No More, Illdisposed, Gwynbleidd, Death, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Necronomicon (CAN), Dawn Of Solace, Children Of Bodom, 1349, Saturnus, In Flames, Odraza, Vredehammer, Moonsorrow, Ignea, Gojira, Ghost Brigade, Nile, Disillusion, Exodus
Favorite album: Death - The Sound Of Perseverance
Favorite song: Mustapha (Queen song)
Favorite movies: Mr. Nobody
Favorite books: Rendezvous with Rama
Personal text: love ukrainian,love russian,ПТН ПНХ

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