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Favorite bands: Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir, Summoning, Taake, Xasthur, Enslaved, Mayhem, Emperor, Hadies Almighty, Horna, Drudkh, Nokturnal Mortum, Graveland, Limbonic Art, I Shalt Become, And A Lot More...
Favorite album: Stronghold
Favorite song: The Rotting Horse on the Deadly Ground
Favorite movies: James Bond, Lots of cop movies ,Dirty Harry, Lord Of The Rings, Medieval Movies and more...
Favorite books: Fantasy, Lord Of The Rings, Robert Jordan, Mercedes Lackey, Frank Herbert and lots more.
Personal text: I like to meet people that listen to my style or any style of metal.


  2010 The Meads Of Asphodel - The Murder Of Jesus The Jew
  2010 Samael - Antigod [EP]
  2010 Sodom - In War And Pieces
  2010 Impaled Nazarene - Road To The Octagon
  2010 God Dethroned - Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
  2010 Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit
  2010 Hate - Erebos
  2010 Deathspell Omega - Paracletus