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Favorite bands: Aephanemer, Aeternam, Alcest, Allegaeon, Amorphis, Arkona, Atlantean Kodex, Be'lakor, Boreal Hymn, Borknagar, Eluveitie, Eternal Storm, Dark Tranquillity, Falconer, Finsterforst, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Great Old Ones, Havukruunu, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, Kamelot, Keldian, Moonsorrow, Mors Principium Est, Necrophobic, Panzerfaust, Primordial, Rotting Christ, Selvans, Septicflesh, Seventh Wonder, Summoning, Vredehammer, Wuthering Heights, Yoth Iria
Favorite album: Epica, The Black Halo, Stone's Reach, Mercy Falls, Falconer, Under the Red Cloud, Theogonia
Favorite movies: There Will Be Blood, LOTR trilogy, Parasite, Starred Up, Andrei Rublev, Le Samourai, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Thing, The Beyond, etc
Favorite books: 1984, Perdido Street Station, The Books of Babel, The First Law

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