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Title: hi-fi / lo-life
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Favorite books: Principia Discordia, Psychonaut
Personal text: I no longer rate albums because people get too obsessed with the rating and forget to read the actual review. Read the review, it will give you a much better idea if an album is worth your time than a rating will.

I'm interested in all kinds of music, including (but not limited to) psychedelia, alternative rap, dub, IDM, post-punk, techno etc. When it comes to metal, I tend to prefer the more extreme styles, particularly death, thrash, djent, industrial, as well as some black and doom. I am also always into all kinds of alternative metal.

...and yeah, some of my older reviews suck. People grow. Deal with it.

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Aesth - The Fall Of Illusions
13.01.2012 | Death Metal

Here is one of the best death metal albums ever. Enjoy


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