My Favorite Modern Guitar Players

Created by: K†ulu | 15.02.2012

1. Gorod - Mathieu "Mat" Pascal
The mastermind behind the mighty Gorod: those great groovey riffs and unique avant-garde soloing
2. Between The Buried And Me - Paul Waggoner & Dustie "Dustball" Waring
Not only great technique and precision but a lot of very original ideas, riffs and solos
3. Adagio - Stephan Forte
A neoclassical shredder: beautiful progressive but heavy music; amazing solos
4. Evile - Ol Drake
One of the newest amazing guitar players to have spawned recently; lightning fast riffing and soloing and mind-boggling solos especially on the band sophomore album "Infected Nations"
5. Opeth - Mikael Akerfeldt & Fredrik Akersson
Mikael is capable of both writing beautiful music and playing truly memorable solos; with Fredrik's arrival, the band has got some technical shredding solos added to their sound, and I like that novelty a lot
6. Mastodon - Brent Hinds & Bill Kelliher
Truly legendary guitar combo: memorable riffage, beautiful solos, great acoustic guitar playing
7. Protest The Hero - Luke Hoskin & Tim Millar
Some of the most technically proficient guitar players; while Tim maintains the crazy rhythm section, Luke just keeps on soloing, almost perpetually; and it works
8. Nevermore - Jeff Loomis
A guitar hero; a shredder with a lot of feeling; a composer with brilliant music coming out of his head, both in Nevermore and in his solo career
9. Obscura - Steffen Kummerer & Christian Muenzer
Technical masters who have managed to make their death metal brutal and progressive at the same time without too much pretentious show-off.
10. Blotted Science - Ron Jarzombek
Inhuman playing style; while Ron is known for his performance in many projects, I enjoy his work with Blotted Science: brutal, technical 7-string guitar wizardry creating ridiculously complex structures

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16.02.2012 - 07:51
Great list, my top ten would be very very similar!

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