Just My Current Playlist (Bands-No Particular Album, No Theme Or Motif) Updated! 8-5-12

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Created by: Tristus Scriptor | 16.05.2012

1. Avulsed - Faves. Can't shed 'em...and don't wanna.
2. King Diamond - Always. ALWAYS.
3. Kamelot - Brilliance in the form of deep, longingly beautiful power metal.
4. Cannibal Corpse - Oh...well...I never grow tired of the first 6 albums. Some bands just stick.
5. Sabaton - Such gritty, melodic, and bombastic fluff. Gotta love it.
6. Waltari - Man. I just love artists that are hard to define, yet do all aspects of their craft well.
7. Delerium - Need to cleanse the palette with *something*...
8. Jorn - The dude's a vocal soul-surgeon. Absolute genius with everything he touches.
9. Dark Moor - Elisa was great, but the albums with Alfred Romero are so classy and other-worldly. It doesn't get much better than this.
10. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage (Well...I specified an album on this one 'cause I'm blown away by it. Instant classic for sure.)
11. Nile - Fokkeen' shit, mang! These dudes have always ripped. (And yes, I like the new album too.)
12. Woods of Ypres - Too bad I'm just getting into them once David passed... It's never to late to recognize genius.
13. Obituary - I come back to these rancid rednecks often to revel in their excellent grooves, slick solos, and the ever-monolithic vocals of the inimitable John Tardy.
14. Ramones - For a metal enthusiast, it might seem strange that they tend to reign above the Misfits as my punk band of choice; but they do. I even dig the later stuff.
15. Demilich - Transcendental and alien. Killer art-death.
16. Agathodaimon - Only the early stuff...but, damn, was it some good shit!
17. Manticora - I LOVE finding instant favorites like this. Pure METAL.

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