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Please write your opinions on the list, if you have any. I'm not doing this list because I consider myself as an expert more than other people here, but because I think it is interesting to discuss things like this. I might be wrong in many cases, and I would only be glad if you correct me about any of my "mistakes", if you find any, or suggest other bands that deserves to be on the list. I have tried to only include bands that are fully accepted as metal, why many alternative bands are excluded.

Created by: Aristarchos | 18.07.2012

1. Black Sabbath
The first band considered as metal. All their influence could not be described.
2. Judas Priest
They brought in more melody to metal, added the twin guitar and created the traditional heavy metal sound.
3. Iron Maiden
Has had a huge influence on all kind of melodic metal and also on early thrash metal bands.
4. Motörhead
The first band to mix metal with punk. Had a major influence on the thrash genre.
5. Venom
Usually considered as the first extreme metal band. Influenced genres like black metal and thrash metal.
6. Metallica
The first thrash metal band to record an album. Have influenced numerous bands in different genres.
7. Slayer
Brought in hardcore influences in thrash metal to make it more extreme, and influenced a genre like death metal.
8. Celtic Frost
The first band to be described as avant-garde metal. Have had a big influence on different genres like death, black, gothic and symphonic metal.
9. Bathory
Usually considered as the first pure black metal band. They also created the viking metal genre.
10. Helloween
They created the power metal genre, and have influenced most of the bands in the genre since.
11. Possessed
Had a huge influence on early death metal.
12. Death
Created what many considered as the first pure death metal.
13. Pantera
They started the groove metal genre and influenced genres like nu metal, metalcore and other forms of alternative metal.
14. Godflesh
Created the industrial metal genre (or at least was one of the originators). Had a major influence on post metal, and also influenced drone metal and other forms of alternative metal.
15. Morbid Angel
Brought in ultra-speed to death metal.
16. Paradise Lost
Created the gothic metal genre.
17. At The Gates
They started the Gothenburg movement and have had a major influence on the metalcore genre.
18. Mercyful Fate
They perhaps didn't create a genre on their own, but have influenced bands in numerous genres.
19. Accept
Had a big influence on early power metal, speed metal and thrash metal.
20. Melvins
Created the sludge metal genre and influenced bands in alternative metal, drone metal and post metal.
21. Budgie
Had a huge influence on NWOBHM.
22. Queensrÿche
Influential for prog metal.
23. Napalm Death
The first grindcore band along with Repulsion.
24. Kreator
Influenced the death and black metal genres.
25. Sepultura
Started as a death/thrash metal band but had their biggest impact on genres like nu metal and metalcore.
26. Dream Theater
Took the progressive influences more further into metal than any band before them.
27. Mayhem
Although bands like Burzum, Emperor and Darkthrone have had a bigger influence for later black metal, Mayhem was the band that started the 2nd wave black metal.
28. Yngwie Malmsteen
Created the neoclassical metal genre.
29. Manowar
Made the metal more epic and bombastic. Influenced the power metal genre and also the viking metal genre.
30. Candlemass
Bands like Pentagram, Trouble and Saint Vitus were earlier, but it was Candlemass who made the genre popular and influenced most forth-coming bands.
31. Watchtower
The first technical thrash metal band, and to many also the first prog metal band.
32. Burzum
Created the atmospheric black metal genre.
33. Emperor
Created the symphonic black metal genre.
34. Atheist
The first technical death metal band.
35. Repulsion
Along with Napalm Death, the first grindcore band.
36. Pentagram
The first band that took Black Sabbath's doom metal sound further, although they didn't release any album until the 1980's.
37. Trouble
One of the bands that is responsible for the creation of doom metal as a genre.
38. Saint Vitus
Together with Trouble and Pentagram, they are responsible for the doom metal genre. They also brought in some punk influences to doom metal.
39. Entombed
As Nihilist they could be said to be responsible for the swedish death metal scene. They brought in a hardcore element to death metal, and had a big influence for the evolution towards melodic death metal, and also started death 'n' roll
40. Obituary
One of the pioneers of death metal.
41. Neurosis
Created the post metal genre.
42. Suffocation
Created the brutal death metal genre. Also had a big influence on the deathcore genre.
43. Diamond Head
Had a big influence on thrash metal.
44. Anthrax
Brought in NY hardcore and rap into thrash metal.
45. Darkthrone
The first 2nd wave black metal band to release an album.
46. Megadeth
One of the biggest thrash metal bands.
47. Autopsy
Has influenced many big death metal bands and death doom bands.
48. Savatage
Has had a big influence on american heavy metal.
49. Fates Warning
One of the pioneers of prog metal. Has also influenced power metal bands.
50. Suicidal Tendencies
Influential for crossover thrash.
51. Fear Factory
Brought industrial influences to the extreme metal scene.
52. Deicide
One of the more influential in death metal.
53. Carcass
Influential in both grindcore and melodic death metal.
54. Amorphis
Has had a big influence in finnish metal. Brought in some finnish folk influences.
55. Immortal
Brought speed to black metal.
56. Sodom
Influenced death and black metal.
57. Exodus
One of the pioneers of thrash metal.
58. My Dying Bride
One of the pioneers in death doom. Brought in violins to doom metal and influenced gothic metal.
59. Ministry
One of the pioneers of industrial metal. Combined industrial metal with some influences from thrash metal.
60. The Gathering
One of the originators of gothic metal.
61. Theatre Of Tragedy
Developed the beauty and the beast sound, and was the first one to use it on an entire album.
62. Dark Angel
Influenced death metal.
63. The 3rd And The Mortal
Influential for atmospheric metal.
64. Saxon
One of the first NWOBHM band.
65. Thergothon
Created the funeral doom metal genre.
66. Earth
Created the drone metal genre.
67. Isis
One of the pioneers of post metal.
68. Sleep
Influential stoner metal band.
69. Manilla Road
American cult band. Infuential for american heavy metal.
70. D.R.I.
Influential for crossover thrash.
71. Destruction
One of the big three within teutonic thrash metal.
72. Sarcófago
Influential for black metal and technical death metal.
73. Master
One of the pioneers of death metal.
74. Cannibal Corpse
Influential in death metal.
75. Opeth
Took the progressivity farther into death metal than any band before.
76. In Flames
The most melodic of the classic gothenburg metal bands. Influenced melodic metalcore.
77. Blind Guardian
Influential power metal band.
78. Tiamat
Created what could be called psychedelic doom metal.
79. Enslaved
Influential in viking metal and progressive black metal.
80. Dissection
Created melodic black metal.
81. Dark Tranquillity
One of the pioneers of the gothenburg sound.
82. Therion
Took the symphonic element further into metal than any one before.
83. Rhapsody Of Fire
The first symphonic power metal band.
84. Stratovarius
Influential power metal band.
85. Master's Hammer
Early experimental black metal band.
86. Nocturnus
Brought in keyboards to death metal.
87. Children Of Bodom
Created extreme power metal.
88. Crimson Glory
Influential for prog metal.
89. Anathema
One of the originators of death doom metal. Influenced gothic metal.
90. Meshuggah
Created what has been labelled as djent.
91. Bethlehem
Gave name to the most diffuse metal genre dark metal. Introduced the suicidal lyrics.
92. Cathedral
Took the doom metal genre into the 90's.
93. Ulver
Influential for the blackened folk metal genre. Later they experimented with electronica.
94. Katatonia
Influential for the blackened doom metal genre, and also for death doom metal.
95. Raven
Influential for thrash metal.
96. Anvil
Influential for thrash metal.
97. Dio
Classic heavy metal band.
98. Gamma Ray
Influential power metal band.
99. Exhumed
Influential deathgrind band.
100. Ozzy Osbourne
The biggest influence he had was I think by the guitar-player Randy Rhoads.
101. Skyclad
The first folk metal band.
102. Cynic
Took the jazz influences further into death metal than any band before.
103. Graveland
Influential for the eastern european black metal scene.
104. Rotting Christ
Early greek black metal band.
105. Sentenced
Influential for what on this site is described as suomi metal.
106. Type O Negative
Created their own form of gothic metal.
107. Skepticism
Influential funeral doom metal band.
108. Terrorizer
Classic grindcore band.
109. White Zombie
Influential for groove metal, industrial metal and nu metal.
110. Immolation
Influential for dark death metal
111. Bolt Thrower
Influential english death metal band
112. Angel Witch
Influential for thrash metal.
113. Stormtroopers Of Death
Influential for crossover thrash.
114. Disembowelment
115. Winter
116. Vulcano
117. Nightwish
118. Danzig
119. King Diamond
120. Machine Head
121. Corrosion Of Conformity
122. Eyehategod
123. Crowbar
124. Carnivore
125. Exhorder
126. Running Wild
127. Metal Church
128. Marduk
129. Samael
130. Unholy
131. Prong
132. Testament
133. Overkill
134. Slaughter
135. Massacre
136. Voivod
137. Witchfinder General
138. HammerFall
139. Dimmu Borgir
140. Cradle Of Filth
141. Finntroll
142. Satyricon
143. In The Woods...
144. Mastodon
145. Strapping Young Lad
146. Symphony X
147. Nile
148. Cryptopsy
149. Dismember
150. Summoning

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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Aristarchos - 16.02.2015 at 17:53  
Written by Alejandry on 07.02.2015 at 20:15


I excluded them because I don't consider them as metal. Perhaps first two mötley albums has an element of metal, but not enough for this list.
Ganondox - 03.09.2015 at 09:30  
Pretty good list, but I'd personally include alternative metal bands like Tool and Korn. Also I'd order some things differently, but that's more minor.
Aristarchos - 08.10.2015 at 15:58  
Written by Ganondox on 03.09.2015 at 09:30

Pretty good list, but I'd personally include alternative metal bands like Tool and Korn. Also I'd order some things differently, but that's more minor.

I agree some alternative bands like Tool and KoRn deserves to be in the list, but I'm not enough in to that kind of music to tell which bands to include, and how high they deserves to be. What would you order differently?
Ganondox - 10.10.2015 at 01:26  
Written by Aristarchos on 08.10.2015 at 15:58

Written by Ganondox on 03.09.2015 at 09:30

Pretty good list, but I'd personally include alternative metal bands like Tool and Korn. Also I'd order some things differently, but that's more minor.

I agree some alternative bands like Tool and KoRn deserves to be in the list, but I'm not enough in to that kind of music to tell which bands to include, and how high they deserves to be. What would you order differently?

It's just some really minor things, like Death before Possessed, In Flames before At the Gates, Ministry before Godflesh ect. , but that's me coming from more of an alternative metal background, and since all those bands are really influential and there is so many bands it's hard to place specific places and everyone has their own reasons.
3030Will - 26.01.2016 at 23:52  
How do you have time to listen to all these bands?

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