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Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm ignoring local bands here; only bands that people are likely to know will be featured.

Created by: Wukk | 02.08.2013

1. Zappa Plays Zappa ((2007) My first gig, I guess. It was more for the benefit of my dad who brought me along though.)
2. Sonata Arctica ((2009) My first real gig. Also my then-favourite band. Support: Delain; Winterborn (missed Winterborn))
3. Stryper ((2010) Support: local band)
4. Firewind ((2011) Support: Breed 77 (terrible; somehow they managed to get hardcore dancing into a power metal gig); Primitai)
5. Threshold ((2011) Favourite band, no support, 2 hour set. Excellent. My only complaint is that I bought a shirt and left it on the train :()
6. Switchfoot ((2011) Support: In Case of Fire)
7. Turisas ((2011) Right at my university. I never thought I'd get the chance to get painted up and brandish a foam sword amongst hundreds of red and black faces in the same room I'd take my future exams in. Support: Chthonic; Kiuas (whose vocalist was stuck in Finland so the lead guitarist had to take over; he was so good I hadn't even noticed he wasn't the real singer))
8. Kyrbgrinder ((2011) Side project of the drummer of Threshold. Support: local bands (inc. a 'moshpit' in an audience of 12!))
9. Paradise Lost ((2012) Support: Insomnium (who I really went to see, but PL ended up being good too); Vreid)
10. Megadeth ((2012) A one-off gig in a smallish venue. Very hot and sweaty. Setlist was pretty poor (lots of Th1rt3en). Support: local band)
11. Kyrbgrinder ((2012) This one was odd. I got to the venue in time to catch about 10 seconds worth of their set, then they packed up and the band from last time who started the 12 person pit came on. Worth it though, since they managed to get a conga going during their set.)
12. Gojira ((2012) Support: Trepalium; Klone (missed Klone))
13. The Algorithm ((2012) I was so surprised this even happened. An artist I'd been following since his first demo who plays some of the strangest, least-suited-for-a-live-setting music I've heard decides to take his music to the stage, cross the border and play a couple of English dates, one of which being in my favourite pub. It was a great gig. And now he's playing festivals. Support: local band)
14. Katatonia ((2012) Katatonia get the prize for most effort gone to please the fans out of all the bands I've seen. They played a really small venue and ended up setting off the smoke alarm just before My Twin, causing a 15-20 minute delay, during which Daniel mucked about with the crowd, playing a bunch of dead simple beats and getting us to play along. And they still played their entire 20 (!) song set. That's going the extra mile, in my opinion. Support: Alcest (whom I was equally excited about seeing); Junius)
15. Peter Hook & The Light ((2013) Joy Division tribute band featuring their original bassist as the frontman. I'm not very knowledgeable about Joy Divison, but I went with my housemate who's a big fan. They played both JD albums in their entirety, and played them very well.)
16. Santana ((2013) Someone from church invited me along. Having heard none of his music, I said yes. Wasn't what I was expecting, partly since I'd never been to an arena gig before, but it was a pleasant surprise. Musical showoffery, but he kept it interesting.)
17. Sacrificium ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013) I'm kind of cheating by putting this here. Really wanted to see them, but I arrived at the festival after the first couple of bands (supposed to be bad post-hardcore, so I was fine with missing them) and I got there to find that the times had been swapped and Sacrificium had swapped with one of the post-hardcore bands. I got to see them play the last song though.)
18. African Corpse ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
19. Descend to Rise ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
20. Today Forever ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
21. Sleeping Romance ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
22. Deuteronomium ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
23. Circle of Silence ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013))
24. Pantokrator ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013) See Theocracy.)
25. Theocracy ((2013) (Blast of Eternity 2013) These guys and Pantokrator were who I came to see, the others were just a bonus. Some of the others were really good, some were meh. But these two were just sensational.)
26. Leprous ((2013) Wasn't hugely familiar with their music before the concert, but holy wow are they good live. Support: Blindead)

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