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They're not the typical stars we all used to know before,I really wanted to add some of very underrated but somewhat impressive vocalists. Any suggestion is welcomed,so let me know if you really know more.This is my first attempt of making a list, erm salute to these awesome ladies. Some of them are really inspirational.

Edit: I don't really want to mention every female passing by the metal neighborhood
EDIT 2: I changed the title and criteria, as the list is getting longer I avoid using any exact digit in the title, this list may exceed that digit anyway.So no more restrictions to any of them.

Created by: Fritillaria | 17.09.2013

1. Madder Mortem
Agnete M. Kirkevaag
2. Obscure Sphinx
Zofia "Wielebna" Fraś
3. Diablo Swing Orchestra
Annlouice Loegdlund
4. Royal Thunder
MLny Parsonz
5. Cerebral Bore
Simone "Som" Pluijmers
6. Derkéta
Sharon Bascovsky
7. Ludrica
Laurie Sue Shanaman
8. Dreaming Dead
Elizabeth "Adrienne Smith" Schall
9. Battle of Mice
Julie Christmas
10. Bloody Panda
Yoshiko Ohara
11. Fuck The Facts
Melanie "Mel" Mongeon
12. Fear of God
Dawn Crosby
13. Atrox
Monika Edvardsen
14. Akphaezya
Nehl Aëlin
15. Matriarch
Isabel Conde, Shamara Irizarry, Vanessa Urrutia
16. Sceptic
Weronika Zbieg
17. Znowhite
Nicole Lee
18. Chastain
Kate French
19. Effloresce
Nicki Weber
20. Angist
Edda Tegeder Óskarsdóttir
21. ETHS
Candice Clot
22. Mortillery
Cara McCutchen
23. Ava Inferi
Carmen Susana Simões
24. Blood Ceremony
Alia O'Brien
25. Unexpect
26. Triton Enigma
Kitty "Metallic Kitty" Saric
27. Thorr's Hammer
Runhild "Ozma" Gammelsæter
28. Velle Witch
Furuya Yukie
29. Cripper
Britta "Elchkuh" Görtz
30. The Oath
Johanna Sadonis
31. The Wounded Kings
Sharie Neyland
32. Demon Lung
Shanda Fredrick
33. Peccatum
Heidi "Ihriel" Solberg Tveitan
34. Dreadnought
Lauren Vieira
35. Holy Moses
Sabina Classen
36. Landmine Marathon
Grace Perry
37. Acrostichon
Corinne Van Der Brand
38. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Yvonne "Onielar" Wilczynska
39. Darcena
Mia Larsson
40. Salome
Katherine "Kat" Katz
41. Monarch
Emilie "Eurogirl" Bresson
42. Evil Lucifera
Evil Lucifera
43. Jex Thoth
Jessica "Jex Thoth" Bowen
44. Battle Beast
Nitte "Valo" Vänskä
45. Triosphere
Ida Haukland
46. Sister Sin
47. Crisis
Karyn Crisis
48. Abnormality
Mallika Sundaramurthy
49. Jess And The Ancient Ones
50. Dylath-Leen
Kathy Coupez
51. Benedictum
Veronica Freeman
52. Ilkim Oulanem
Ilkim Oulanem
53. Skeletal Spectre
Vanessa Nocera
54. Izegrim
Marloes Voskuil
55. Cadaveria
56. Theatres Des Vampires
Sonia "Scarlet"
57. Imperia
Helena Iren Michaelsen
58. Sinergy
Kimberly Goss
59. A Sound Of Thunder
Nina Osegueda
60. Frantic Amber
Elizabeth Andrews
61. Hysterica
Anni De Vil
62. Pin-Up Went Down

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Fearmeister - 11.10.2014 at 22:23  
Written by Fritillaria on 11.10.2014 at 22:19

DAMN ! Why did I miss this ! I must have already added it, actually I think it was on the list before or I have heard it before, nevertheless I thank ya !

I see it now. I think I missed it since it never showed that it was on the website (which it is now)
Fritillaria - 11.10.2014 at 22:26  
Written by Fearmeister on 11.10.2014 at 22:23

I see it now. I think I missed it since it never showed that it was on the website (which it is now)

Read my previous quote which I edited it a few moments ago However, thank you for bringing it on again, it feels great to listen to the whole album
Erik M. - 20.10.2014 at 22:09  
WTF?! No Stolen Babies?

That album is amazing, as is the vocalist. Be sure to check out that album. If you need help with a particular song, just let me know.

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