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I am a huge Monster Magnet fan. With the release of their new album, they revisit the old sound with the production and songwriting of Mach 3. I figured I'd list my definitive guide to their full length albums based on the MS rating system. They haven't put out a "bad" album, but some are better than others.

Created by: afu | 21.10.2013

1. Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity
1995 This is the culmination of the original direction of the band in fusing psychedelia and heavy rock. Awesome sounds and great songs. Very cinematic and evocative. Rated 9.5. Favorites: Dopes To Infinity, Look To Your Orb For The Warning, and Third Alternative.
2. Monster Magnet - Powertrip
1998 Their breakthrough and the beginning of Mach 2. The trippy textures are largely absent; replaced by massive walls of hard rock guitar and tongue in cheek lyrics. Very strong songwriting and muscular sounds. Rated 9. Favorites: Crop Circle, Bummer, and Atomic Clock.
3. Monster Magnet - Last Patrol
2013 The hook laden, garage style of Mach 3 is paired with the layered, trippy vibes of the first three albums. This is the spiritual successor to Spine Of God. Rated 8.75. Favorites: I live Behind The Clouds, Hallelujah, and The Duke.
4. Monster Magnet - Spine Of God
1991 The first LP. Helped lay the groundwork for 90s stoner rock. A fuzz and delay heavy album of simple, catchy, trippy songs. Very stoney. Very fucking awesome. "It's a Satanic drug thing. You wouldn't understand." Rated 8.5. Favorites: Nod Scene, Spine of God, and Snake Dance.
5. Monster Magnet - Superjudge
1993 The THC and LSD of the first album is fused with some of the most angular, hardest rock ever written. Jammy and epic. The incomplete mix holds this back from a higher MS rating, but it alternates with Dopes as my personal favorite. Rated 8.5. Favorites: Superjudge, Cage Around The Sun, and Dinosaur Vacuum.
6. Monster Magnet - Monolithic Baby
2004 Mach 3 begins here. The hooks are plenty and songs swing like the Bullgod's cock. Equal parts angry, sleazy, and political. The sound changed to a more retro-garage vibe here and it suits the band very well. Rated 8.5. Favorites: On The Verge, Monolithic, and Master of Light.
7. Monster Magnet - Mastermind
2010 The first half is a masterpiece of well written, heavy rock/doom songs, with some brushes of psychedelia. The last half falters just a bit in a couple places, but is still strong. Rated 8.25. Favorites: Hallucination Bomb, Dig That Hole, and Mastermind.
8. Monster Magnet - 4-Way Diablo
2007 The band has never performed these songs and it was a dark period. There are some great songs, but the overall quality is slightly below their normal. I used to love listening to this on my commute after dark. Rated 7.5. Favorites: 4-Way Diablo, Blow Your Mind, and Slap In The Face.
9. Monster Magnet - God Says No
2000 A good album, but uneven and schizo. I feel like they tried to fuse different aspects of their sound, but it just didn't always quite click. There are still strong tracks, but some "just set that plastic soul on fire". "Take It" makes me smile, even though it's twisted. Melt, Heads Explode, God Says No, Cry, and Silver Future are FUCKING awesome. End of Mach 2. Rated 7.

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