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2013: Prze-zaje-kurwa-dobry-rok

Here are my top 20 metal albums of this year (without any order).

* The list's title in eng means: "decent year".
** To create the thumbnail I used Sky Ferreira's cover art for Night Time, My Time, shot by Gaspar Noé.

Created by: Paz | 22.12.2013

1. Gris - À L'Âme Enflammée, L'Äme Constellée... (Post-shitty-black-rock)
2. Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother (Post-metal)
3. Subrosa - More Constant Than The Gods (Sludge doom)
4. Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death (Prog death)
5. Funeralium - Deceived Idealism (Funeral/Death doom)
6. Carpe Noctem - In Terra Profugus (Avant-garde black)
7. Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory & Injury (Post-hipster-black)
8. Sannhet - Known Flood (Experimental/Instrumental black)
9. Castevet - Obsian (Blackened post-hardcore)
10. Entropia (POL) - Vesper (Blackgayze)
11. Bölzer - Aura (Black/Death)
12. Antediluvian - λόγος (Blackened death)
13. Abyssal - Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius (Avant-garde death)
14. Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum (Death)
15. In Solitude - Sister (Heavy/Post-punk)
16. Wormlust - The Feral Wisdom (Avant-garde black)
17. Guantanamo Party Program - II (Sludge/Post-hardcore)
18. Thaw - Thaw (Experimental black/Ambient/Noise)
19. Plaga - Magia Gwiezdnej Entropii (Anti-human black)
20. Wędrujący Wiatr - Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt (Atmo black)

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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22.12.2013 - 13:18
Combo Breaker
"Prze-zaje-kurwa-dobry-rok" - haha, I have no more to say
22.12.2013 - 15:01
Haha great photo for this list.
Giving my ears a rest from music.
30.12.2013 - 01:09
Thanks to get know "Wędrujący Wiatr - Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt" and other great stuff.
20.07.2016 - 08:39
Inner Metal Cage
Given the fact how awesome the thumbnail is, this list is seriously underrated...

PS. Apologize for self-abuse.
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03.08.2016 - 22:58
Account deleted
You like that Gris album so much? I actually find it a bit dissapointing compared to "il etait une foret".
That photo though
03.08.2016 - 23:45
Inner Metal Cage
Written by Guest on 03.08.2016 at 22:58

You like that Gris album so much?

Yeah, it's my favorite release by them.
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