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Collection of various suggestions I've made for addition to MS's db, not necessarily new bands or with new releases, but with a few "bonus" recent things on the end to check out in the future

Please don't forget, you're able to search fragments on MS, so "kanam" (from the right place/page) should return #3 on this list; searching "ggress" on the suggestions page (link provided) will show band #2 (and atm, one other) while "gress" will also find and show in the results all bands that have been labelled as "progressive"

Created by: Syk | 14.01.2014

1. The Abominable Iron Sloth
2. Aggression - Spanish thrashers
3. Akaname - local tech (now instru)metal (and not so local anymore)
4. Aneurysm - interesting (or not) mix with undeniable effort, from Italy
5. Arcana Imperia - Rus
6. Bloodfeast - extreme (blasphemous?) metal from Austria
7. Caym - Can
8. Duskmachine - speed/classic heavy metal from Germany (with history!)
9. Everdome - Gre
10. Exence - Italian take on latter-day Death; also check out Bosnia/Herzegovina's After Oblivion
11. Exhumation (IND) - (ia)
12. Gnoma - recent (non-blasphemous?) stuff from Peru
13. Godyva - Ita
14. Guillotine (IND) - Indian complex metal
15. Hela - Esp
16. Hydra Vein - old British thrash, one step or two behind Deathwish (will their ratings here prove likewise?)
17. Mechanical God Creation
18. Mystery Blue - old French female-fronted 80s metal band (still running and releasing albums)
19. Pavor - Deu/Ger
20. Red to Grey - German thrash, or something like it
21. Respawn - ^^
22. Sempiternal Deathreign - ooollldd-school metal that (only just) pre-dates fellow Dutch-deathers Asphyx and Sinister
23. Sirius
24. Subtract - groovy stuff from my neck of the woods, New Zealand (few good videos to be found on YouTube)
25. Sypnosys - FR
26. Thormenthor - more old-school forgotten/"hidden gem" metal from Portugal
27. Viron - (see #8)
28. Adamantine - Downfall of Adamastor - 2010
29. Adamantine - Chaos Genesis - 2012 - Portuguese thrash with great cover art
30. Sirius Drakon - Iniciación - 2012 - Colombian demo with more nice art

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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