All The Bands I've Seen Live

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This is a list of the bands I seen live. A lot good times and I hope to keep them coming.

Created by: Coolingsrock | 04.02.2014

1. ----------------------Bands that I seen up close at the gate or the stage--------------------------------
2. Megadeth - Seen them twice. Both shows were great and they were amazing. One show was the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace. They played the whole album and a good 5 or 6 other hits to end the show.
3. Slayer - Seen them once. Was front row of the crowd and it was a great experience. Kerry King almost spit right on me! never forget it. Another Great show.
4. Protest The Hero - Seen them Twice. Being one of my favorite bands, I was really excited to see these guys. The music was progressive and just perfect. The singer also kept the crowd involved with his jokes and remarks. Great band on and off stage. The second time I seen them was in a bar with no security and a stage about a foot off the ground, that had no barricade. Got to high five to a few members and catch the singers attention by yelling his name in between songs lol.
5. Intervals - seen them once.
6. Endast - seen them once. Really small show at a ski Lodge. They played with Man With Target. (This was before both bands came together to form Exes For Eyes). For $5, I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. So close that the bassist was hitting me with his hair when he was headbanging. My first show ever and it was awesome.
7. August Burns Red - Seen them twice. Just simply AMAZING! One of my favorite bands on and off stage. They sounded great and they played the songs I wanted to hear, which is a big BONUS. I'm ready for round 3.
8. Amon Amarth - Seen them once. They were Amazing. One of those bands that never ever ever stops headbanging (spinning head style). These Vikings lived up to their albums.
9. Miss May I - Seen them Once. Other then the fact that they wouldn't play the song that I really wanted to hear, It was still a good show.
10. Children Of Bodom - Seen them Once. Great experience for me and a hell of a show.
11. The Devil Wears Prada - Seen them Once. You wouldn't believe how amazing I found this concert. They blew me away by playing the whole Zombie ep (which is their best). They stayed away from their more generic metalcore songs.
12. Veil Of Maya - Seen them once. This one was kinda early in the day for me. Only a few hours sleep, on a hangover, and this show got me going for another brutal day of Metal. They lived up to their albums live that's for sure.
13. Trivium - Seen them once. I know their new albums are shit but this was before the last to albums. I was expecting an amazing show, which it was. The only problem was they only had time for 5 songs. I was pissed hoping that they would play for at least an hour.
14. Gojira - Seen them once. This was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Opening with Oroborus, I could feel a cold chill down my neck. Great set list and I was an inch away from shaking the singers hand lol.
15. System Of A Down - Seen them once. Talk about being lucky, I got to see these guys after their break up (while they were talking reuniting). Huge set list of 18 songs and probably the most people I ever seen at a concert. Thought I was going to die from all the heat in the crowd near the stage. Everyone crammed together. In theTop 3 shows I ever seen.
16. Billy Talent - Seen them once. Got to see these guys free in the middle of nowhere. It was in a field in Quebec somewhere. Good show.
17. Gwar - Seen them once. You ain't never been to show until you experience Gwar. The Blood. The horror. It was Amazing. I seen Hitler, Jesus and even Super Jesus all torn apart in front of my eyes. Even the white part of my eyes were red. The music was ok.
18. ------------------------------Bands that I seen from around the middle of the crowd or closer. (were i could still see them and hear perfectly but not close enough to catch a pick or drum stick)---------------------------------------------------------------------
19. A Day To Remember - Seen them twice. This is one band that can't do vocals live. It just sucks. Losing his breath every 2 seconds. It really turned me off of this band and I will never see them live again.
20. All Shall Perish - Seen them Once. Definitely the best Deathcore band that I have seen. Lots of energy and sick breakdowns. Those dudes can really play. I really enjoyed myself.
21. Black Label Society - Seen them Once. Well I wasn't going to pass up the chance to see the one and only Zakk Wylde. What a legend (for me anyways). Scratch that one off my bucket list. Not a big fan of Black Label , however I loved the show.
22. Hellyeah - Seen them Once. I had a blast at this one. They put on a great performance. It was really cool to see Vinnie Paul too. ( And Phil Anselmo's band played right after which was really cool. Almost seen pantera lol.)
23. Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Seem them once. I found the music was alright ( I never listened to them before). Phil was really weird and was hitting his forehead with the mic the whole time. By the end his head was bleeding.(pretty sure it was just an act) Still cool to see them especially right after Hellyeah.
24. Enter Shikari - Seen them once. Only caught the second half of their show but managed to make my way up close. They performed real good and I still got to listen to a few of my favorites by them.
25. Newsted - Seen them once. This was a real treat. He put on an amazing performance even though his album only came out 2 days prior to the show. For a bonus he played Whiplash which was really unexpected.
26. Obey The Brave - seen them once. Never heard anything from this band prior to the event. It was alright. I only knew that the singer was from Despised Icon.
27. Deftones - seen them once
28. Steel Panther - Seen them once. Definitely the funniest show I ever seen. I think they spent just as much time talking and joking as actually playing. I had a time I will never forget. Felt like an 80's hair metal gig lol.
29. Five Finger Death Punch - seen them once
30. Within The Ruins - Seen them once. They were alright. Again I didn't know much about this band except for the fact that they were heavy. Will check out their Discography soon.
31. Godsmack - seen them once
32. Cannibal Corpse - Seen them once. I was never a big fan of C.C. and I never did get all the hype. Anyway, they were alright and kept my headbanging the whole show. Maybe I need to give these guys another shot.
33. The Agonist - Seen them once. What a great act. Since the show was in Montreal, where they are from, you could really tell they were giving their all.
34. Structures - seen them once
35. Killswitch Engage - Seen them once. I managed to catch this act right after the vocalist from the debut album had returned. These drunken metal heads had moshing and laughing. The music was awesome since they played most of the Alive Or Just Breathing album (which I didn't see coming).
36. Periphery - Seen them once. Another amazing day with one of greatest acts these days. Let me tell you his vocals is even more impressive live. Just blew me away let alone the retarded guitar work. Misha made 1 or 2 mistakes on the solos and you could see it on his face. Nonetheless still Great.
37. Between The Buried And Me - Seen them once. Well when a band opens with a 14 minute or so long song, you begin to wonder...this must be Selkies!!!!! Well this progressive band just doesn't stop. Loved every minute of it.
38. Attack Attack! - Seen them once. and only ever once. I only watched this band cause they were first. Nothing good to say about this show and the singer was a complete idiot. never again.
39. Rob Zombie - Seen them once. Great show but the guy loses his breath so fast these days that it becomes a little less enjoyable then it should. Still a classic performer and glad I had the chance to see them. A girl in a wheelchair got to crowd surf which was awesome.
40. ----------------------Bands I seen From Far , mostly watching on the Big Screens------------------
41. Avenged Sevenfold - Seen them Once
42. Halestorm - seen them once
43. Sick Of It All - seen them once
44. Finntroll - seen them once
45. Mastodon - seen them once
46. Machine Head - seen them once
47. The Acacia Strain - seen them once
48. Asking Alexandria - see them once

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