Favorit Releases Of 2013

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My favorite albums of 2013. A year with a lot of great releases for prog fans!

Created by: Darth Mitchell | 27.04.2014

1. Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)
One of my favorit bands that I discovered in 2013. Saw them live after reading about them and because they played before Riverside. Maybe I'm to naïve, but I really get happy after listening to part 1 & 2 of TAGTH.
2. Dream Theater - Dream Theater
A stronger album than A Dramatic Turn. With some really great songs and finally a instrumental (and what a great one!).
3. Haken - The Mountain
Didn't know this band until I read about them and say the video for "The Cockroachking". I was sold after that!
4. Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam
A differend sounding album than Opus Eponymous, but still really good. Year Zero is one of the stronger songs.
5. Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything
A new storyline this time. And with all the artists involved a really great album to listen to in peace.
6. Leprous - Coal
The heavy and progressive sound really sold me on this one, and the album cover is awesome!
7. Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves
One of the bands that I discovered in Aardschok magazine. Great sounding album and a great live band!
8. Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods
Until I saw them live I didn't care for them. But after that I really love these vikings!
9. Stratovarius - Nemesis
A great powermetal album. The only thing that dissapointed me is that they played a few songs of it live.
10. New Keepers Of The Water Towers - The Cosmic Child
Stoner metal is normaly not my thing. But this album is just awesome. Great songs and awesome instrumental parts.
11. Devin Townsend - The Retinal Circus
The list is CD only. But I couldn't let this release out of my list. The best live DVD I have ever seen from an artist. I would have put it in my top 3 releases in 2013 if I didn't meant this list to be a top 10 album releases.

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