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I originally made a top 15 but there is just too much music to do that shit anymore.

Created by: Joe Zombie | 08.12.2015

1. Tribulation - The Children Of The Night
I'm indecisive, but this record would probably be my pick for AOTY if I had to choose one. Death 'n' roll.
2. Abigail Williams - The Accuser
3. Prurient - Frozen Niagara Falls
Not metal per se, but harsh noise/power electronics with aggressive vocals. One of the best of the year. Warning: your ears will hurt.
4. Deafheaven - New Bermuda
5. Imperial Triumphant - Abyssal Gods
6. TesseracT - Polaris
7. Horrendous - Anareta
Likely the best DM album of the year.
8. Chipmunks On 16 Speed - Sludgefest
Kind of cheating here. This is the "Chipmunks" band slowed down so the vocals are normal. Drenched in sludge and an air of creepiness.
9. Myrkur - M
10. Ghost - Meliora
Their best album yet.
11. Arcturus - Arcturian
Fun and catchy.
12. Death Grips - The Powers That B
Alternative hip hop/metal/punk/industrial/weird/coked-out music. If you don't know this band then its time to get with the program.
13. Enabler - Fail To Feel Safe
14. Leftöver Crack - Constructs Of The State
First album by this group in 11 years. Definitely their most "accessible" record. Great anti-establishment punk with ska and crust for extra flavor.
15. Tau Cross - Tau Cross
16. Harm's Way - Rust
17. Misþyrming - Söngvar Elds Og Óreiðu
18. The Body - You, Whom I Have Always Hated [Collaboration]
19. Leviathan - Scar Sighted
I'd say Wrest's best work yet under the Leviathan moniker. Truly terrifying.
20. Ghost Bath - Moonlover
21. Death Karma - The History Of Death & Burial Rituals Part I
22. Katavasia - Sacrilegious Testament
Pure Rotting Christ worship. Excellent.
23. Sulphur Aeon - Gateway To The Antisphere
24. Dirty Shirt - Dirtylicious
One of the best surprises of the year. A fantastic album that deserves much more recognition. Very fun indeed.
25. Tome Of The Unreplenished - Innerstanding
26. Leprous - The Congregation
27. Secrets Of The Sky - Pathway
28. Akhlys - The Dreaming I
29. Paradise Lost - The Plague Within
30. Sunset In The 12th House - Mozaic
31. Kontinuum - Kyrr
32. Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat
33. High On Fire - Luminiferous
One of the most consistently good bands in metal today.
34. God Is An Astronaut - Helios/Erebus
35. Abyssal - Antikatastaseis
A swirling torrent of pain and misery.
36. Anopheli - The Ache Of Want
Crust punk with a cello. Very gloomy and apocalyptic.
37. August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places
38. Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss
39. Mesarthim - Isolate
40. Aderlating - Hell Follows
41. Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages
42. Dark Sermon - The Oracle
These guys really outdid their debut with this one. Black/death.
43. The Armed - Untitled
44. Author & Punisher - Melk En Honing
Electronic/industrial. A different kind of heavy.
45. Refused - Freedom
Doesn't hold a candle to their 1998 masterwork, but still a fun listen nonetheless and a welcome return for the band.
46. Locrian - Infinite Dissolution
Anguished, distant wailings swallowed by synths and atmospherics. This is a band that keeps getting better.
47. Marriages - Salome
I wouldn't classify this band as metal, but hey, I've seen them featured on more than one list here. More like dream pop with beautiful, evocative vocals by the lovely Emma Ruth Rundle.
48. False - Untitled
49. Vastum - Hole Below
50. Sannhet - Revisionist
Not typically a fan of instrumental music but this "post-black" group is a cut above the rest. Black metal ensconced in shimmering atmosphere.
51. Guardians Of Time - Rage And Fire
52. Death Engine - Mud
Pummeling hardcore with black metal leanings. An overlooked jewel.
53. Vattnet Viskar - Settler
54. The Moth Gatherer - The Earth Is The Sky
55. Chapel Of Disease - The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art
Technical post-hardcore?
57. Cosmic Church - Vigilia
58. Pinkish Black - Bottom Of The Morning
If Jim Morrison had a doom metal band. Or something. Doom/darkwave/gothic/whatever.
59. Kauan - Sorni Nai
60. Below The Sun - Envoy
One of the best doom offerings of the year. This is some really good shit, folks.
61. Sea Witch - The Blackened Sea
62. Nightslug - Loathe
Disgusting, bludgeoning, and remorseless sludge drenched in filth.
63. Soft Kill - Heresy
Sombre and mellow post-punk.
64. Spylacopa - Parallels
65. Title Fight - Hyperview
Post-punk/dream pop.

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