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I am probably gonna stick to the weirdest albums and things not popular on the site.
Also some non-metal

After all, the popular things you probably already heard anyway...

Created by: Karlabos | 03.01.2019

1. Griefloss - St ((black metal) some intense and groovy somewhat posty black metal thing. but not "post" in the sense of gaze, more like almost sludgey "post", if that makes any sense. the vocals are also pretty good)
2. Indus Bonze - 19 ((experimental eletronic/tribal/breakcore/gorge) one of the most intense Induz Bonze mini-albums so far. if you like tribal electronic music with lots of drumming, this (and Indus Bonze overall) is a must)
3. Florid Ekstasis - AN: Effloresce as Arid Dots ((avant garde death metal) if you like those progressive death weird things with tracks of over 7 minutes, this is your new thing)

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