Iron Fire Albums Ranked

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I'm not sure why I love Iron Fire as much as I do. None of my friends think they are that special but I just seems to think the cheesiness combined with overly catchy hooks takes me back to a simpler time. Not a single weak album so far and even if they haven't released any "masterpiece material" album they have one of the most even discography with a lot of songs I consider classics in their genre.

Created by: majormalfunction | 04.08.2020

1. Iron Fire - To the Grave
2009 Rating: 8 Top picks: March of the Immortals, Hail to Odin, Kill for Metal
2. Iron Fire - Revenge
2006 Rating: 8 Top picks: Break the Spell, Gates of Cybertron, Mindmachine
3. Iron Fire - Blade of Triumph
2007 Rating: 8 Top picks: Dragonheart, Blade of Triumph, Bloodbath of Knights
4. Iron Fire - Voyage of the Damned
2012 Rating: 8 Top picks: Enter Oblivion, Dreams of the Dead Moon, Voyage of the Damned
5. Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized
2010 Rating: 7 Top picks: The Phantom Symphony, The Graveyard, Riding Through Hell
6. Iron Fire - Beyond the Void
2019 Rating: 7 Top picks: Final Warning, Out of Nowhere, One More Bullet
7. Iron Fire - Thunderstorm
2000 Rating: 7 Top picks: Thunderstorm, Rise Of The Rainbow, Behind the Mirror
8. Iron Fire - On the Edge
2001 Rating: 6 Top picks: On the Edge, The End of It All, Into the Abyss
9. Iron Fire - Among the Dead
2016 Rating: 6 Top picks: Among the Dead, Iron Eagle, The Last Survivor

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