Journey Through 2021

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The List of Albums releasing in 2021 that I listened/will listen to.
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Created by: pandrstudios | 29.01.2021

1. Svrm - Розпад
6/10 Decent first album of the year.
2. K.F.R - Shayṭān 2.0
6/10 New occult black ambient album from Maxime Taccardi,though underwhelming compared to Nihilist.
3. Frozen Soul - Crypt of Ice
7/10 Bolt Thrower Worship done right, first good album of the year.
4. Grima - Rotten Garden
8/10 Never gave this band a listen before but holy fuck, this is amazing ABM!
5. Asphyx - Necroceros
8/10 This year starts of with some real bangers. Did not expect this to be so good.
6. Tribulation - Where The Gloom Becomes Sound
8,5/10 Hautingly beautiful guitar melodies, way better than the last one!
7. Steven Wilson - The Future Bites
6/10 There are some great tracks on here, not as bad as some make it out to be, but still not incredible like his previous work. I could see this grow on me over the year.
8. Demon Head - Viscera
6.5/10 I generally liked it, but the last album was much more memorable.
9. Crystal Viper - The Cult
7,5/10 Fun Heavy/Power Metal Album, didn´t expect anything good from them again!
10. Human Serpent - Heirlooms Eternal
6/10 As some people already pointed out, this production is raw and weird but not in a good way. Besides that, I like the song structures and slight change in the vocals. Mixed feelings by now.
11. Angelus Apatrida - Angelus Apatrida
5.5/10 In all honesty, it takes alot to impress me with a new thrash metal album nowadays but I just found this to be boring and generic except for "Disposable Liberty" and "Into the Well".
12. Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning
7,5/10 Not as perfect as the debut but still a heavy offering by this underground band.
13. Wizard - Metal In My Head
5/10 Sadly a generic offering by one of the best underground power metal bands of the 2000s.
14. Harakiri For The Sky - Mӕre
8,5/10 I´m just speechless. This monsterous album is just packed with beautiful melodies and they topped themselves once again after Arson, still 10-15 minutes too long for my liking.
15. Empyrium - Über Den Sternen
6.5/10 I really like the atmosphere created but I don't feel the same excitement as many people here.
16. Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories
5.5/10 Alice hasn´t lost his amazing raspy voice and I find some nice tracks here but who had the great idea to make this have 15 tracks?!
17. Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist
7,5/10 I expected this to be different and I really welcome the change, a great balance of heavy tracks and softer experimantal tracks, however it does not click with me completely.
18. Evergrey - Escape Of The Phoenix
9/10 Wow, it did not expect this to touch me that much as it did. AOTY for me by now.
19. Abominable Putridity - Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
5/10 Boring uninspired slam death metal, sad what this band has become.
20. Baest - Necro Sapiens
8/10 This album shows once again that this band is the best newer old-school DM band .
21. Brand Of Sacrifice - Lifeblood
7/10 This is pure filth, disgusting and technical but a bit repetitive.
22. Enforced - Kill Grid
8/10 I talked about how hard it is to impress me with a thrash album but THIS reminds me of the 80s golden bands!
23. Orden Ogan - Final Days
7/10 Not as bad as I thought it would be. Some great tracks but the production is boring.
24. Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm
25. Saxon - Inspirations
6/10 Meh, it's a cover album with predictable song choices but the band still sounds tight.
26. Fuath - II
6.5/10 Atmospheric black metal with great production. Does this work? Hell yes, but in this case it just sounds like so many other bands.
27. Memoriam - To The End
7/10 Sadly this does not hold up to their last record. The first 4 songs are amazing but it gets boring very fast after that.
28. Sanguisugabogg - Tortured Whole
4/10 I never understood the hype for this band. Caveman riffs that try to sound nostalgic but end up making the album boring. At least the longest track and the music videos are entertaining.
29. Haunt - Beautiful Distraction
5.5/10 Everything I praised about the first two records is gone by this point. I cannot deny Church´s instrumental capabilities, but I just can´t stand his voice anymore. The songwriting is also nothing new and has been done way better before.
30. Kauan - Ice Fleet
31. While She Sleeps - Sleeps Society
32. Vallendusk - Heralds Of Strife
33. Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst
34. Bewitcher - Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
35. Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined
36. Paysage d'Hiver - Geister
37. Evile - Hell Unleashed
38. An Autumn For Crippled Children - As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes

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14.03.2021 - 02:57
Daddy Pig
I agree with you on the new thrash metal. It all sounds kinda crappy. Power Trip was the torch bearer (Rest in Power Riley) for quality thrash and Enforced has managed to roughly re-ignite that torch.
23.03.2021 - 13:58

Written by Daddy Pig on 14.03.2021 at 02:57

I agree with you on the new thrash metal. It all sounds kinda crappy. Power Trip was the torch bearer (Rest in Power Riley) for quality thrash and Enforced has managed to roughly re-ignite that torch.

Yes I really enjoyed the albums by Power Trip and Enforced is one of the few bands that are exciting to me. But I have to say I don't search that often for new thrash so there may be more good stuff out there.

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