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I know many will moan about my No. 1, but Dani is for me the greates vocalist of all time. There is NO one who can cover him, all youtube covers don't even get in his range... And with his whistles and dark vocals gives me feelings I don't get anywhere else... somehow chilling and comfortable, before the next screams hunts me down!
Whoever wants to discuss one of my Top 10 shall send me an PM, otherwise deal with my choice
This list maybe gets some updates if I change my mind or discover new good vocalists!

Created by: Windrider | 21.12.2010

1. Cradle Of Filth (Dani Filth)
2. Dark Tranquillity (Mikael Stanne)
3. Kataklysm (Maurizio Iacono)
4. Ensiferum (Petri Lindroos)
5. Omnium Gatherum (Jukka Pelkonen)
6. Amon Amarth (Johan Hegg)
7. Carach Angren (Seregor)
8. Taake (Hoest)
9. Eluveitie (Chrigel Glanzmann)
10. Gorgoroth (Pest)

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