2010 Super Disappointment List

Here follows a short list of albums released in 2010, which did not live up to anything spectacular even if SOME of them showed so much promise based on previous releases. Some less disappointing/some more but they all vary in degrees of Anticipation and eventual Gut-wrenching heart ache.

NOTE: The albums with lowest disappointment factor appear last, progressively becoming more bad until you finally reach the most shockingly unfullfilling album of 2010

This list does NOT include bad albums from bands I dont like, but only albums from bands who at one point released really good/awesome albums. This also does not mean that I consider the least disappointing albums better than the most disappointing, but merely shows to what degree my expectations were not met. (i.e, A bad album from an awesome band is very likely better than an average album from an average band.)

Created by: Valaskjalf | 03.01.2011

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