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Best Albums Of 2018 (updating)

1. Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse
2. Sinistro - Sangue Cássia
3. Summoning - With Doom We Come

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Created by Enemy of Reality on 01.01.2018

Karlabos' 2018 Finds

Everything I find worthy found of (but not necessarily in) 2018.
List in constant progress
Enjoy... Or not

1. Arkheth - 12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew
2. Delaying The Inevitable - St
3. Fyrce Muons - Fractures Of Light: A Suicide
4. Harakiri For The Sky - Arson
5. Hyperdimension! - OhDrearyWearyRedEyes

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Created by Karlabos on 01.01.2018

2017 Interesting Picks

That was a really rough year that take me off since the second half of May, so there'll be just few small reviews. I don't even know if'll able to finish them, so this year the Interesting Picks will be incomplete. I just hope now to get well soon as i can.

Non Metalstrom Bands


1. Blaze of Perdition - Conscious Darkness
2. Anakim - Monuments to Departed Words
3. Iapetus - The Long Road Home
4. Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon
5. Below The Sun - Alien World

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Created by Rot Teufel on 01.01.2018

Top Albums 2017

Well, here I put my personal top with which to me have been the best albums of 2017. They are not all they are, but if they all are.

1. Akercocke - Renaissance In Extremis
2. Persefone - Aathma
3. Archspire - Relentless Mutation
4. Enslaved - E
5. Dyscarnate - With All Their Might

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Created by kam1kaze on 31.12.2017

tominator's 2017... Best To Worst

A list of the albums I listened to that came out in 2017.

Two rules were followed for the selection and ranking of these albums:
1. I listened to these albums at least 2 times in order to give them a fair chance.
2. When it's a tie between certain albums, I usually pick the one I listened to the most during the year.

1. Eruption - Cloaks Of Oblivion
2. Ascendant - A Thousand Echoes
3. Enrichment - Reanimate
4. Sorcerer - The Crowning Of The Fire King
5. Night - Raft Of The World

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Created by tominator on 31.12.2017

TOP 30 SONGS OF 2017

1. Clouds- in this empty room (destin EP)
2. Mors Principium Est- death is the beginning (embers of a dying world)
3. Cradle of Filth- death and the maiden (cryptoriana)
4. Ayreon- the dream dissolves (the source)
5. Wintersun- loneliness (winter) (the four seasons)

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Created by rivendel on 30.12.2017

Shuffle Of Fun

First 10 albums/songs that came on my shuffle 12/29/17. Enjoy, ya jabronis.

1. Therion - Theli
2. Wonders of Nature - Winter Forest - Winter Forest
3. Anagnorisis - Beyond All Light
4. Korpiklaani - Tales Along this Road
5. Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder

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Created by StewsandGoulash on 29.12.2017

Dark Tranquillity Albums Ranked

1. Dark Tranquillity - Character
2. Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
3. Dark Tranquillity - Fiction
4. Dark Tranquillity - Projector
5. Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void

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Created by GuytFromWayBack on 28.12.2017

50 Albums I Enjoyed In 2017

My personal Top 50 of a fantastic Year. As you can see the major part of this list is kind of proggy, concluded with some heavier stuff and a few Rock Albums. There may be some more creative or boundary breaking releases left out, but these are the works that exited and convoyed me throughout 2017.
Please enjoy, suggestions are appreciated.

1. Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
2. The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic
3. Soen - Lykaia
4. Voyager - Ghost Mile
5. Dodecahedron - Kwintessens

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Created by Jambi0905 on 28.12.2017

Top 20 Heavy Metal Albums Of 2014

1. Accept - Blind Rage
2. Wolf - Devil Seed
3. Primal Fear - Delivering The Black
4. Grave Digger - Return Of The Reaper
5. Aria - Через Все Времена

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Created by Mrtvozornik on 28.12.2017

In Flames In Flames In Flames

In Flames was the band that opened the gateway to the metal dimension for me, 15 years ago. I've recently rediscovered them, giving even their newer albums serious consideration, after being separated for about 10 years, and as such, I think they deserve a list of their own, best to worst, with some comments. I included the two EPs "The Mirror's Truth" and "Subterranean", as they contain more than one new original song. Unfortunately this excludes two of my favourite IF songs, Goliaths Disarm Their Davids and Watch Them Feed. Compiling this list, I realise I very much look forward to IF's next release!

1. In Flames - Colony
2. In Flames - The Jester Race
3. In Flames - Subterranean
4. In Flames - Reroute To Remain
5. In Flames - Battles

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Created by Kuroboshi on 28.12.2017

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Progrssive Metal Albums Expected In 2018

1. Into The Great Divide - Into The Great Divide
2. Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror of Creation III: Project Ikaros
3. Angra - ØMNI
4. Ghost Ship Octavius - Delirium
5. Redemption - Long Night's Journey Into Day

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Created by ProgMetalFan on 28.12.2017

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A 12 Pack Of 2017

Hooray! This is (yet another) 2017 list. Take a drink. Seeing as everyone else is doing one, might as well get off my lazy ass and vomit one out as well.

2017 was a weird and, at least February through July, an absolutely miserable year which has impacted my production and metal consumption. While I've digested a lot of metal, as you can see from my (almost non-existent) content output, not one that perhaps impacted me like prior years. Largely due to personal circumstance.

1. Emptiness - Not For Music
2. Funeralium - Of Throes And Blight
3. Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper
4. The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy
5. Loss (USA) - Horizonless

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Created by BitterCOld on 26.12.2017

Destruction ALBUMS Ranked

1. Destruction - Eternal Devastation
2. Destruction - Infernal Overkill
3. Destruction - Spiritual Genocide
4. Destruction - The Antichrist
5. Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose

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Created by emaguzze98 on 25.12.2017

My Top 20 Metal Albums Of 2017

1. Kreator - Gods Of Violence
2. Benighted - Necrobreed
3. Cytotoxin - Gammageddon
4. Dyscarnate - With All Their Might
5. Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi

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Created by ANDY V. on 25.12.2017