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My Humble 2019 Abode Of Weirdness

I am probably gonna stick to the weirdest albums and things not popular on the site.
Also some non-metal

After all, the popular things you probably already heard anyway...

1. J▲M▲T▲R - Midoritsuki
2. A_jiki - Manner Instructor Remixes
3. Child Abuse - Imaginary Enemy
4. Purple Pilgrims - Perfumed Earth
5. Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation I

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Created by Karlabos on 03.01.2019

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Karlabos' 2018 Finds

Everything I find worthy found of (but not necessarily in) 2018.
I'm not an eclectic person. I listen to extreme metal, underground pop, electronic music and weird stuff. Even better if it's lo-fi weird stuff. Don't expect to find much out of that line here.

List in constant progress

1. Lemmings Suicide Myth - St
2. Death Fortress - Reign of the Unending
3. Zebulon Kosted & Stormhammer - The Murderous Kleptocrat Francisco Macias Nguema
4. Urbangarde - Ai To Gensou No Urbangarde
5. Tentenko - All You Need Is cat

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Created by Karlabos on 01.01.2018

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Karlabos' 2017 Top 100

If you were ever following my 2017 list in the beginning of the year and are wondering what happened to that one: well, basically MS deleted it itself. More like half of it. When I was in the mark of 120 albums or so and were updating the stuff, that bug which sometimes happens where some of the albums get cut from the preview happened... And I didn't see it. And I clicked on the submit button... So in the end only the first 50 albums of my original list were now showing and THE REST GOT ALL FUCKING DELETED, so yeah... I got pissed. And deleted the whole thing.

1. ############# TIER 3: NUMBER 100 TO 41 ############## (in alphabetical order)
2. AdyS - Pretending
3. Ame To Kanmuri - Nou
4. Ayame - Lumiere Ambree
5. Bathsheba - Servus

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Created by Karlabos on 11.12.2017

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Karlabos' 2016 Most Favourite Releases

A 2016 list about ugly metal, cute pop and weird music.

I was trying to do something sorted alphabetically, but I realized it makes more sense if I sort them in the order I discover/listen to. So, the closer to the top, the later I found about the release. Older entries to the bottom.

Antecipated albums are sorted in release date.

1. El Ahrairah - St
2. Mega - St
3. Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop Vol I
4. Xenon Maiden - Enigma
5. Kodemari Koruri - Lunatic Butterfly

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Created by Karlabos on 21.11.2015

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Some Of The Worst Stuff I've Ever Heard

Whenever I browse the winterwebz looking for good stuff to listen to, it's unavoidable that I end up facing atrociously bad stuff. However some of these horrid choices are still interesting and thus manage to stay on my head and somehow my interest for them keeps growing from time to time.
This list is dedicated to those bad things that still are interesting somehow. (read it: averagely bad stuff like skryllex or lulu isn't welcome here) Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll be able to develop my taste and start liking them? Who knows? That's how I got to Unexpect or Sunn o))) after all.
There's mostly metal, actually mostly black metal stuff here. I'll add more as I remember or find more. Suggestions are welcome =] If you have a band which it's so bad you can't stand but still keep coming back to it because it's intriguing then give a shout.

1. Army Of Gay Unicorns - Army Of Gay Unicorns
2. Axxanngabannaxaxagannababaillukuku - Marduk
3. Bacchia Neraida - Εις Τους Δωδεκα Θεους Του Ολυμπου
4. Bubblegum Octopus - The Album Formerly Known As 8-legged Dance Moves
5. Brume - Normal

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Created by Karlabos on 29.08.2014

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Unusual Grindcore Releases

A list with about the most different stuff I know about grindcore.
Quality isn't priority. Errors likely.

> Totally not copying qlacs' lists' idea<

1. 7000 Dying Rats - Season In Hell
2. A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Bloom
3. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse
4. Cloud Rat - Moksha
5. Contrastic - Contrastic

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Created by Karlabos on 11.04.2014

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My Favorite Caladan Brood Albums

Am I doing this right?

1. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle

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Created by Karlabos on 06.03.2014

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Black Metal Bands Named After People

These days I was wondering why there was bands like Clair Cassis or Johann Wolfgang Pozoj which are named after someone who isn't even a player on the band, so I had the brilliant idea to create a pointless list.
Here you will find bm bands named after real or fictional people. I set aside names of gods, demons and mystical creatures, only people allowed. Also didn't count bands like "Lord Something", reason is because if I took those things in consideration I'd list every damn bm band in the world.
I did a very quick google search and the results are shown below the bands names, but honestly I don't know whether they're the real reason why the bands have that names.
If i'm missing some, please give a shout.

1. Abigail Williams
2. Aelia Capitolina
3. Alexander Paul Blake
4. Bathory
5. Beatrìk

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Created by Karlabos on 26.02.2014

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Just Some Strange Yet Raw Oriented Black Metal Albums

This is a list composed by what I think that is raw oriented black metal, but still only albums with a difference are allowed. Basically Atmospheric, Melodic (Not Symphonic), Experimental stuff. I give some brief explanation of what is so different about those albums. Some bands would deserve the entire discography mentioned, so I opted by putting only one album per band.
Some people tend to think that noise black metal is a very different approach to bm, but it's a well consolidated subgenre. Nothing really experimental or different about it. Same goes for raw oriented dsbm. I'm not gonna spam those subgenres unless something really unique is going on.
Moreover, actually the whole purpose of me making this list is getting more ideas of bands, which should appear on the comments, so start recommending stuff.

1. Ekpyrosis - Mensch Aus Gold
2. The Meads Of Asphodel - Damascus Steel
3. Tjolgtjar - Under Command Of Tjolgtjar
4. Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler
5. Arizmenda - Stillbirth In The Temple Of Venus

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Created by Karlabos on 19.02.2014

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Black Metal Cover Arts Which I Think Are Stunning And Interesting

I list the black metal artworks which are the most different and appealing, at least for my eyes, and give a brief excuse for a somewhat explanation of why I think it.
Edit: As suggested, I gave a link to the inages of the albums not feat. here non MS. For all the other ones... Well, one can always click on the album name.

1. A Forest Of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays
2. A Forest Of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring
3. Abigail Williams - Becoming
4. Ad Hominem - Dictator
5. Alcest - Le Secret

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Created by Karlabos on 29.11.2013

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Dark Ambient/Neofolk Albums With Harsh Vocals

Although dark ambient and neofolk aren't subgenres of metal itself, lots of metalheads keep digging bands on that style. Dark ambient and neofolk however come mostly with instrumental tracks. In this list I try to list (duh) some dark ambient albums which incorporate harsh vocals on their tracks. Because they are quite rare and well... What is more metal than harsh vocals?
I chose to put here albums and not bands, because some bands have harsh vocals on some albums and not on others, so if I showed bands it could be misleading. I don't want to recommend more than an album of each band though, unless it is absolutely necessary.
The bands are in alphabetical order. I'm gonna add and remove as I stumble upon new ones and/or am recommended.Therefore, suggestions and complaints are welcome.

1. Amaka Hahina - Meah Metreah
2. Arktau Eos - Mirrorion
3. Damnum Animus - Sanity:The Lies Of The Father
4. Elffor - Into The Dark Forest
5. Fafnir - The Sigh Of Dawn

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Created by Karlabos on 20.11.2013